The Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Larger Display with Revolutionary Features

People are still guessing the features of and possibilities from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The highly anticipated release of the new phablet, a combination of smartphone and tablet by Samsung has been raising more buzz than ever about the wonder phone. There is no doubt that the phone is going to offer some stunning features like a 16 MP camera, bigger screen than its predecessor, and the latest Android 4.4 KitKat Operating System.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Wireless Charging System

One of the most discussed features which have created quite a lot of buzz is the wireless charging feature coming up in the Note 4. The phone is supposed to have a wireless charging system which is based on a simple technology that uses a magnetic resonance with a charging pad. This feature will help its users charge it from a longer distance from the plug point. It’s definitely going to be a revolutionary concept, which no other phablets, smartphones or tablets have come up with earlier.

Possibilities of Larger Display

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is going to blow off its predecessor the Note 3 with an increase in the display screen size. The screen size of the new phablet is probably going to touch 6 inches, by trying to keep the phone body same sized.

Android 4.4 KitKat OS

A better high performing OS is always anticipated of a new release of a phone. Here tech lovers would like to see an upgraded version of the Android 4.3 Jellybean. Therefore the Note 4 will come with the Android 4.4 KitKat OS.

128 GB Expandable Memory

As rumors go, the Samsung Note 4 will be one of the fastest among all smartphones, and phablets on earth, if the phone really comes up with the 128 GB expandable memory – the highest expansion being offered by any fastest phablet till date.

Waterproof and Dustproof

There are more additions to the array of revolutionary features. This includes the waterproof and dustproof body. The Note 4 is said to come up with a waterproof technology. You will be able to use the phone under water too. Moreover the phone will not be susceptible to damage due to dust accumulation.

Handwriting Recognition with Advanced Stylus

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Signature

Another inclusion is the handwriting recognition feature enabled by the advanced stylus. You will be able to lock and unlock and phone by scribbling any signature of yours. This feature not only locks and unlocks the phone, but also can lock any specific application or functionality of the phone, and it won’t be accessible to anyone without the particular unlock scribble being inputted. Moreover while verifying the input the phone will use the handwriting recognizing technology to detect the real person.

Three Sided Display

The 3 sided or YOUM display is a new inclusion. It’s more like a 3D display, where the screen components can be viewed from any angle, and the flat screen doesn’t affect the display when viewed from the edge.

Other Inclusions

Other additions are the bigger S Pen. The Note 4 will be accompanied by a bigger S Pen than the earlier Note series phablets. Samsung has been trying to put everything impressive in the Note 4 to beat the latest iPhone release, and keep the price of the Note 4 reasonable compared to the Apple product.