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Evolution of Mobile Phones

Evolution of Mobile Phones

In 1973, Motorola engineer Marty Cooper made the first ever call from a mobile device. For many years, Nokia and Motorola dominated the mobile phone market, but this all changes with the development of the smartphone. In 2007, the iPhone was born, revolutionising the mobile market for years to come. We take a … Continue Reading



Getting more Foxtel content for less

With the newer offers, where cable TV and phone services are being combined, it comes as no surprise that customers are getting a better deal and paying everything with one bill, making it cost less and getting a real bargain out of it. On the other hand, the continual upgrade system is phenomenal, and you … Continue Reading

Social Media

social media

Who Control the Social Media Platforms: An Overview

The average person spends around 3 hours per day perusing social media, whether that be micro-blogging site Twitter, photo sharing app Instagram or everything rolled into one, Facebook. These forms of media keep us up to date on the world around us, telling you what’s trending, the latest news and how friends … Continue Reading

Followers on Twitter

Top 10 Tips to Increase your Followers on Twitter

The Twitter has been an effective social networking platform now for a quite a long time. The day by day increasing popularity of Twitter in the world has lured millions of users to make sure that the website ranks among the top social networks. The twitter doesn’t only get you the worldwide fame, but, you … Continue Reading

LinkedIn Groups

Succeed in LinkedIn Groups With These Tips

Image that you had an audience made up of hundreds of millions of people. Would you bypass the chance to reach them? Of course not! 1. When creating a group, make sure you have a strong, clear mission statement. Anybody can great a LinkedIn group, but not anybody can create a great and successful … Continue Reading