S3TR: Foldable Personal Transport Vehicle

To go into commercial production, the makers of the project are raising money through crowd-funding. If you liked the idea, contribute to make it a reality at http://igg.me/at/s3tr.

In urban and metro cities, travelling has become much of a hassle. For most of places, one has to either use their own vehicle or public transport. But, since public transport might not have end mile connectivity, one has to rely on their personal vehicle. This leads to wastage of fuel as well as causing environmental pollution. It also becomes problematic to move through ever increasing traffic.

So, if you are looking for a solution to this problem, then this concept is worth paying attention to. S3TR (pronounced as ‘Streeter’) is a simple looking machine which is perfect for individual travelers. Moreover, it is foldable making it easy to carry anywhere.

What is it?

S3TR: Personal Transport Concept

The project started as a vehicle which offers simple and fun way of commuting. The S3TR provides a person the option to commute in any place on it. The prototype of the project is made from easily available hobby material and thus is eco-friendly and easily recyclable. Further, the vehicle does not need to be registered and it can be folded into the size of a mid-size suitcase making it convenient to keep or carry.

How it works?

S3TR uses an eco-friendly motor that uses resources like ethanol, compressed air or electricity. It can be easily controlled while driving.

The prototype vehicle is a tricycle in delta configuration with one front and two aft wheels. Driving this vehicle is so easy that can be done by one hand. Its speed can be controlled by the thumbs, while the direction can be changed by tilting the vehicle in the respective direction or moving the fixed column (if S3TR is in fixed mode).

When can you get it?

The project has been successfully implemented on a prototype vehicle. However, for its commercial launch the makers will be launching a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.

So, if you want to get your hands on such an interesting and useful vehicle, make sure to back the project.

Technical Specifications of the prototype vehicle

S3TR Specifications