Google Keep Updated with Reminder Functionality

Compared with plethora of Google services, note-taking app Keep is fairly new and unknown to most of the people. It was released in March this year and made process of taking notes simpler and accessible across web and mobile devices. However, it never received much attention since the release came just one week after closing announcement of Google Reader, many people were skeptical about the longevity of the app. But, Google is showing its commitment towards the app by adding much-needed features.

Time and Location Reminders

The latest update to the app brings reminder capabilities to the notes. What it means is that after taking a note, user will be able to add a location or time based reminder to it. The time reminder will remind the user about the note at the particular time, user can check the note or snooze it as well. Location reminder with the help of GPS will bring the note to the user when it detects that the mobile device have reached a particular location.

Both these reminders can have many practical and useful real-life scenarios. User can set the Google Keep to remind about Friend’s Birthday on a date or even remind to call them at certain time. Similarly, location reminder can be of great help to give us shopping list whenever one enters a grocery store.

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Other Additions

Another new functionality in the app is that the users can add photos to existing notes or create notes with text and photos both. Earlier, users were only able to store photos on a note.

The app also features a new navigation drawer making it easier to switch back and forth between notes, reminders and archives.


Google Keep was already applauded for its simple and minimalistic approach to note taking. But, it lacked some much-needed features when compared to already popular services like Evernote, One Note, Any.Do, Remember The Milk, etc. With these changes, the app is really a great way of maintaining a task list or basic notes. However, it’s not right to put it against Evernote and One Note as they are full-blown note taking apps.

The update will be rolled out in a staged manner to all Android users.

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  • July 5, 2014 at 10:35 pm

    Google Keep needs a lot of work before I’m ready to use it full time. I feel like Google rushed it so that Google Now had something to report to when users wanted to make a note instead of just setting an email reminder.

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