An Interactive Browser Game based on Geo-Locations

Now a days, there are countless number of games for avid and casual gamers alike. Though avid gamers prefer playing hard-core action and strategy based game on their console or a gaming machine, casual gamers prefer to play light game which isn’t heavy on resources. However none of the devices currently are making the use of the digital era we are living in. There are technologies like Augmented Reality being explored by few start-ups like Oculus VR that try to bring truly an immersive experience to the users.

Geospy Game

We recently camera across a game called GeoSpy which is a browser-based game and can be played from anywhere (via an active internet connection) by visiting As the name tells, the game combines the geographic locations (read maps) and gamers spy skills. It’s an interesting premise but how engaging is it in normal playing, let’s check out-

The Basics

Gamers can register for the game for free or paid depending on the features they’re looking for. The professional membership will cost users for $12.99 per year and offer advanced options like activity reports, planning objects and much more. But don’t worry, if you play really well, then you can win the professional membership. Whatever plan one decides, the website offers a fairly simple and quick registration process.

The game requires a camera, and also suggests to have a GPS device.

The Gameplay

Gamers have several aims in the game, but the primary one is that they need to find, secure and create an object. For each secured or created object, the gamer will getting a point and the accumulated points can take you to the top spot. However that’s not the only way to gain points, you can ensure that the objects created by you are interesting enough such that others like and recommend it. One way to do this is by adding high quality picture of the object.

Finding Objects on GeoSpy Game

The object creation requires the gamer to have complete knowledge about the location including the GPS coordinates and the photos. Similarly, any object can be secured by taking image of the object taken by earlier spy for that object.

The objects are divided into different categories like Civil, Historic and religious, Natural, Technical, and Military which further have sub-categories of hospital, museum, factory, memorial, etc.

The next step is to own a territory with the help of locator, which in turn is possible when you set an object in the locator.

As a gamer, you can also rate the objects from other spies.

All through the game, a leader called Mr. Nobody will guide you in each step and what needs to be done.

Our Thoughts

The game is quite similar to the popular game mobile phone game Ingress, developed by Niantic Labs (acquired by Google). Similar to the GeoSpy, Ingress requires gamers to go to different locations and establish their presence in those locations. But both differ in terms of gameplay. Another area where Geospy gets a thumbs up is its browser-based offering allowing it to be cross-platform.

Finding Objects on GeoSpy

The game seems really promising and extremely addictive requiring gamers to get high points by contributing as many as objects possible. However since the locations have to be marked by spies all over the world, it relies heavily on the number of people playing the game. In our try, we weren’t able to find any object in our location, which definitely marred our experience.

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