TTS or Text-to-Speech is an application, which is used to create spoken sound of a text file stored in the computer. The text file can be anything from a web page to a voice message – everything can be converted to their spoken sound version. People who are visually challenged or would like to hear instead of reading a text can use the Text-to-Speech application. Some of the popular Text-to-Speech applications are the Voice-enabled emails and prompts in voice response systems.


TTS facilitates the transformation of text files on computers to voice files that can be heard by the visually challenged individuals or it can even help in the reading of text messages. Voice recognition applications use the Text-to-Speech technology and there are various other applications that are available which use the same technology. The TTS technology uses the tone as well as the length of a pronunciation along with the most suitable acoustic units from the database are used to create speech. Though the TTS initially was aimed at serving the reading for visually challenged individuals but now it is being used by various websites and applications to make it easier for the users to comprehend the real meaning of a text file.

There are several benefits of using the TTS technology and users can listen to news, audio books, podcasts etc on their electronic devices. TTS has immense impact on e-learning and language study have become really easy. The students of language studies are able to learn a language of their choice without having to worry about the written text and they are also able to emulate the diction or pronunciation without any difficulty.

Another use of text to speech technology is in the automobile sector where it is being used for safe driving. People can be talking over the phone or other mobile devices while driving their cars safely. The test for speech application can be used to facilitate communication at voice portals. This technology is also referred to as speech synthesis as it is mainly concerned with the conversion of text into audible speech.

Even the latest communication systems like Unified Communication are using the text to speech technology for better and more efficient communication. Employees are able to hear their mails on various handheld mobile devices and they do not have to waste time reading long mails. All they are required to do is click on the text and listen to the message. This is quite similar to Voicemails but the only difference is that here it is the text that is converted into speech.

TTS is a new technology and it has way to go before it can be actually adapted for all types of text conversion. There are various service providers in the market who have come out with several applications that uses the TTS technology and convert text to speech without any hassles.