Building a YouTube Channel for Marketing Purposes

Effective video marketing is becoming an increasingly important aspect of every online marketing plan. Some of the world’s most successful brands have joined in long ago. Smaller businesses are also seeing that video marketing on YouTube can help them grow as well.


If you’re unsure of where you should start, or would like a guide to refer to as you plan, read this article to learn three important things:

● What you can offer to YouTube
● What style your videos should follow
● The finer points of YouTube marketing

Once you have a plan for these three aspects of your video marketing plan figured out you’ll be well on your way to becoming YouTube famous!

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What can your brand give the YouTube audience?

Every brand out there, no matter how boring they may seem, can have an exciting and relevant YouTube video marketing campaign. It’s all about how you present yourself, what you want to emphasise, and the way that you film it all.

I’m betting there’s a business out there reading this right now who thinks that what they do has nothing to offer YouTube. But even a landscaping company can do a time-lapse video of one of their best transformations. Filming the crew haul dirt around? That would not be good video marketing at all – it’s all about how you present yourself, and what you want to emphasise.

YouTube video styles: Entertain, inform, educate

Having a video marketing strategy that features videos from all the possible varieties never really builds you an audience. Those who show up to be entertained will lose interest if you post too many informative videos. Those who need to be informed will be turned off by too many goofy videos. You need to choose if you want to:

● Entertain your YouTube audience with humour, action, drama, or any other scripted content.
● Inform your viewers about products, upcoming releases, and events.
● Educate your viewers with FAQ information, how to use your product videos, and examples of what you products can do for people.

I don’t want to be all talk here. The following three examples will show you successful YouTube marketing channels from brands that you can learn from.

Entertainment YouTube marketing: Red Bull

Informing and educating are out as options when you sell an energy drink, so Red Bull have chosen the perfect video marketing style for their brand. Their strategy involves posting regular videos for the core fans of the action sports they sponsor.

The second aspect of their video marketing is creating and pushing videos which regularly go viral. You may recall this incredibly popular video from their channel:

That made national headlines, and was all a part of Red Bull’s overall video marketing plan. You may not reach those (excuse the pun) heights, but you can plan your entertaining content for both a regular and viral audience.

Informative YouTube marketing: Lego

Lego have chosen a two tiered approach to their marketing. The first one is entertaining with their 3-4 cartoon series. Those do ok, but are not as viewed as their informative style videos.

The informative videos have a very simple premise – someone with knowledge of the product sits down in front of a camera and talks about Lego. This is usually their design team, as you’ll see in this video:

This video has over 400,000 views, 300,000 more than other entertainment videos released at the same time.

Educational YouTube marketing: Home Depot

Doing video marketing for even the most mundane of products can actually be very popular. ‘How to’ content is the bread and butter of many online marketer’s video productions. Home Depot makes great use of evergreen content with these simple to produce videos that comes out almost daily:

These videos don’t rack up huge videos in a week, or ever go viral, but they do get consistent views over time. With a good video SEO plan, this will help you find customers for the entire time the video’s hosted.

The finer points of YouTube marketing videos

The points above are the broad strokes of your video marketing plan on YouTube. I’ll look at the finer details now.

Thumbnail strategy: This may seem pointless to think about as YouTube automatically gives you three options to choose from. Here’s the secret though – all three of them are terrible. You need to invest in a graphics editing program that will let you create custom thumbnails that you can upload, offering you greater flexibility in what is shown to your viewers.

Your SEO strategy: I touched on this above briefly. To be specific, you have to have a plan in place that ties keywords together in your title, description, and tags. The right SEO work will help you get more views than anything else you do as YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine.

Playlist strategy: A large aspect of how successful channels keep viewers around is by creating Playlists for them. With a good playlist you can get someone to find one of your videos, but keep them around for many more. Group videos around related themes, or starts series just like TV.

Branding: You need to use your logos and colours in as many places as possible. Look at your profile image, header image, and thumbnails all as places where you can build your brand with logos and colors.

With the broad strokes cover in the first part of this video marketing strategy you’ll get the basics of your channel started. Moving through the four points above will refine the look and effectiveness of your channel. Be sure to have all of this work done before you first push ‘Upload,’ and you’ll be sure to have a channel that takes off from your first video.


Matthew is the Social Media Blog writer and analyst. He is found on the blog every Friday writing about the latest news and advancements in the social marketing world. For the YouTube lovers, check out Devumi’s YouTube channel!