Microsoft announces 3rd Update to Windows Phone 8 OS: GDR 3

Although late to the party of smartphones and the intuitive OS, Windows Phone is slowly but steadily emerging as a strong Operating System against both Android and iOS. The fact that a reliable brand like Nokia is making Windows Phone based devices have also put it in a good position. However one biggest complaint against the Windows Phone has always been its slow update cycles. In comparison, the Android and iOS follow regular updates bringing not only new software enhancements but also some optimizations for the latest hardware. But, that’s all set to change as Microsoft announces its GDR 3 update to the Windows Phone platform. Though not very huge, it does offer some much-needed functionalities.

Customized Live Tiles

Implementation of Live tiles (formerly called as Metro interface) has been appreciated in Windows Phone as it brings a different interface than Android and iOS. It also shows the needed information at the interface itself and thus not making user click the app. But one biggest complaint users have is the inability to customize the live tiles. Worry not, this new update will enable up to 6 tiles in a row which will be a huge plus for large screen devices as well Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Windows Phone 8 OS Live Tiles Feature

Quad Core Processor support

If you were deciding against the WP for the simple reason that it’s having dual core processor when compared to quad core processors in android. Then this new update will please you. Now the OS will be supporting the latest processor with 4 cores. This means we’ll surely be seeing some WP smartphones powered by latest quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor.

Distraction-free Driving

With the help of new Driving Mode, you can drive with full concentration on the road and not worry about notifications. With the Bluetooth connectivity it ensures that the message and calls are shown only on lock screen when one is driving. Users can also set automatic reply so that the people know that you’ll get back to them after driving.

Windows Phone 8 OS Driving Mode Feature

Better Accessibility Features

The Operating System just got better for disabled people such as visually impaired. Suite of apps will be always at one’s assistance to manage calls, messages, Skype calls, and notifications like alarm, low battery warning.

One Click Internet sharing

The data connectivity in our smart phones also double up as a backup internet for our computers. But the pain point always is to set up a password in the device, and then punch the same in our computer. The 3rd update to WP makes it easier with just one click setup with the help of Bluetooth in Windows 8.1 computer or tablet, and you’re good to go!

Other Features

1) Customized Ringtones

Now users will be able to set a custom ringtone for messages, emails, reminders, etc. Ringtones can also be personalized to be used on some people’s contact for messaging.

Windows Phone 8 OS Customize Ringtones Feature

2) Setup Wi-Fi at start

Now users can setup their Wi-Fi at the first boot itself, which means no need to rely on data connectivity for basic setup.

3) Rotation Lock

With the rotation lock, you never have to worry about screen rotation when you don’t want it.

Windows Phone 8 OS Screen Rotation Feature

4) Easier Memory Management

The new update will make it easier to free up space in the smartphone. It will also indicate which type of files are consuming the most memory.

5) Exiting the Apps

The App Switcher can not only be used for switching to apps, but also for closing the apps.

Release Date

The update will be rolling out to the WP 8 devices in the coming weeks. But there is no particular timeframe as to when we’ll be getting it on our devices.

What’s more significant is that some of these features will help the new devices which are slated to be launched soon. Notable being largest screen Lumia phone ever rumored as Lumia 1520 having 6 inches screen. Similarly, rumored Lumia 825 being powered by a quad core processor.