Future of Windows 9: Expected Release, Rumors and More

There is no doubt in saying that Windows 8 was not a universal success. The necessary steps were not well executed and the attempt by Microsoft to stitch mobile together with desktop was just a root in order to encourage users. Windows 8 has come as a flop for the existing PCs as well as laptops combined with the continuous growth of tablets and smartphones. This simply means two things i.e. expect a new improved Windows or expect it as Windows 9. It is pretty improbable that there will be Windows 8.2 but there will be definitely Windows 9.

Windows 9

Release date of Windows 9

Until now, Microsoft has not made any official announcements about Windows 9 and not even mentioned the name but it rumoured that Microsoft will show it off in the September 30 event as their invites outline, “What’s next for Windows and the enterprise.” A “Windows technical Preview” is expected by Microsoft on 30th September and soon after the beta version will be announced. Windows 9 is expected to released somewhat around January 2015 and will be made available to buyers by April 2015.

Expected Features of Windows 9

After falling of Windows 8, it is time for Microsoft to swing in front of their users or customers and for convincing other businesses to invest in their machines, they have to give a chance to their consumers with free windows upgrade. We do expect Lower price or free Windows 9 and doing this the company will be successful in parting the ways of its users from Windows XP.

It is rumoured that Windows 9 will be featuring Intel’s 2013 Haswell chips which will give a big boost for a Better battery Life. It will help the system in minimising the power consumption as well as will be able to run in clumps in order to maximise its processor. It is far much better for Microsoft to add few power saving features to Windows 9.

After fall down of Windows 8.1, Microsoft is expected to release Windows 9 with better display scaling. It is rumoured that with Windows 9, Microsoft will add a better support to its retina-quality displays in order to ensure that the looks of new OS will look good on all the devices.

Price of Windows 9

There are no words about its price yet but we think that there is no harm is guessing. We will update you with the price as we will get to know more though the rumours say that Microsoft is trying to release Windows 9 for free of cost but we cannot confirm you about this.

It is expected that this time, Microsoft will unveil Windows 9 with amazing features which seems to amaze all the users. What are your expectations from Windows 9?