The Best Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting for Your Website

For Starters

If you have a site with large number of visits and complex tasks execution, your choice is to use a VPS is right. VPS hosting represents the future of web hosting. Because if you need more resources and constant monitoring on the part of the server admin, it is better to go for a VPS. VPS provides root access to the user so that the user can install any software and perform tasks at root level. Even though this can be considered as expensive but surely VPS hosting comes with more privileges than a shared hosting account.

Choosing a VPS hosting Provider

The World Wide Web is filled with more options than anyone can possibly imagine. There are many providers, each with their own unique products offering and feature set. Here are few of the features that you may want to look for before choosing a VPS host:

  1. Server performance
  2. Scalability and growth
  3. Technical Support
  4. Security and Networking
  5. Uptime SLAs

Virtual Private Server

Top VPS Hosting Provider

It is better to have a list of good VPS hosts before coming to a final decision of selecting one. Here is a list and reviews of some of the VPS hosts available in India.

1.      VPS link

It claims to be the industry’s most affordable VPS web hosting. It works for Linux operating systems. It provides unmanned VPS hosting, i.e. the user has complete control over administration of the server as he/she likes. It ensures that the server has power and responds to ping.

It offers 5 different plans suitable for different Linux system. The plans are flexible and varied so that they meet your all requirements. The minimum price offered is $6.62/month (approx. Rs 400/month) for a year’s subscription.The minimum priced plan provides customers with 100 GB bandwidth, 64 MB RAM, 2.5 GB disk space and 1 dedicated IP address. The maximum disk space extends up to 40GB.
The VPSlink has an experience of serving its customers since 2002, hence is more reliable and safe hosting server.

2.      Big Rock

With 30% discount and 30 days money back policy, Bog Rock can be a good choice for the customers. It provides 20 GB of disk space and 512 MB RAM for a minimum of 1,199 INR/month for 1 year. It provides a storage uptime of 99.9%. Apart from this you can choose from the 4 different plans which big rock offers according to your requirements.

Big Rock has over 6 million customers and the list includes top brands like Fiat, ING Vysya, adidas, star etc. It has also been awarded the best Web hosting provider in the year 2012.

3.      HostGator

It is Linux based VPS hosting. Its VPS plans can be completely customized to match your specific hosting needs and upgraded anytime as your site grows. As of now, it is offering VPS plans at 50% discount.

It offers CentOSlinux with full root access. Again like others, different packages are available according to your requirements. The minimum packages are $9.98 (Rs. 600) for first month and $19.95 (Rs. 1200) for subsequent renewals. This includes 25 GB disk space, 512MB RAM and 500 GB bandwidth. The main features include 24/7/365 top-notch support via phone, live chat and email, all time-server monitoring, and weekly automated off site backups. It is presently serving to 9,000,000 customers.

4.      HOSTOCOL

Its features include a single core processor, 2GB RAM, 1 TB bandwidth and 30 GB disk space, free control panel, 1 dedicated IP and 24/7 technical support on Linux hosting. It claims to offer fully managed Linux VPS plans, which means they handle most of the tasks of your servers. They also offer free plesk panel along with their VPS hosting. The minimum starting price is Rs. 2699/month.

The windows hosting plans differ from that of Linux. The minimum amount for Windows VPS hosting is Rs. 1999/month which is same as that offered by Big Rock. Disk space provided is 50 GB with 1 GB RAM. Although it does not offer any money back guarantee, but HOSTOCOL can be a good choice when it comes to a secured and affordable VPS hosting.

5.      ZNETLIVE

ZNETLIVE has been serving since 2002 and can be termed as one of the experience and trusted sites. It works with both Linux and windows and offer different plans. Each of its VPS account comes with full root access, 2 dedicated IP address, unlimited Email IDs, Websites, Subdomains and MYSQL database.

The minimum price offered is Rs. 2813/month with dual core processor, 1.5GB RAM, 60 GB disk space and 1000 GB bandwidth. It also offers the flexibility to customize plans according to your needs.

Selecting any one of the above mentioned VPS hosting servers can be your good choice. While looking for a host, the main features which are examined upon are price, reliability, 24/7 support, network speed, live chat availability, server configuration, website speed and external tools offering. Looking for the best in these mentioned fields; you can easily choose a reliable server for your website.

Happy Hosting!