How Can VPS Customers Profit from CloudLinux?

CloudLinux is a great assistant in keeping a website safe in an environment that is threatened by unwanted online intrusion. This feature helps directing and using cloud hosting options, while being a real operating system used by companies that want to take shared hosting to a much safer and steadier level.


Guaranteed security

When several sites are hosted by the same provider on the same device, it might happen that one rotten apple leads all the other neighboring sites to demise. However, CloudLinux is a perfect hybrid solution for bringing the overall server security to a higher degree. Its architecture enables it to protect the base of the hosting service and neutralize the harmful site(s). Also, if it occurs that one site becomes more demanding and exploits a larger part of the capacity of a server that it should, CloudLinux limits its consumption and puts it back to its preordered position.

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Seamless use

With this feature, hosting providers can offer their clients a great opportunity to get the most appropriate variety of PHP. The feature is equipped with the special option called CloudLinux PHP Selector. This handy tool is comprised within the cPanel. What a client should do is just click the PHP version that suits their needs. As clients can choose from a wide range of options that will improve their online experience and cut the time needed for doing all the necessary changes, they will have more time and resources for their business endeavors. The use of a server in such a way will make the clients satisfied and their website(s) updated in no time.

Productivity at its best

When a client wants to access their account, CloudLinux serves as an effective means of reaching the best result in a short time span. Within this feature, on every cPanel account there is a special LVE (Lightweight Virtualized Environment), which is attributed a specific quantity of resource. Going for a quality virtual private server with such a function will keep all the data easily and quickly accessible even if another site comes down with a malicious attack. Thanks to this factor of isolation, we can relax and keep using our website(s) to improve our business achievements.

Cloud Benefits

High visibility

This OS also offers a high level of visibility to everybody who uses it. Its handy structure enables the hosting provider or the client to supervise all the log information. This transparency contributes to spotting all the potential hazards that might threaten the clients’ data. If anybody tries to spam the scripts or get into the system without granted permission, it can be easily seen in the login section. So, each and every entrance is clearly visible and no unauthorized penetrations will be allowed, which can also help anticipating the future threats. Today, when the cloud data theft rate is pretty high, innovative services like CloudLinux calm down the users of the Internet and give them a new boost for their future web challenges.

Businesses are quite different from ordinary users of the Internet and they should always insist on more layered online protection and care. The CloudLinux operating system can be a great symbol of such an increased and empowered web protection. Together with its user-friendly options, it guarantees a smooth online business experience.