Tips to Use Windows 7 Snipping Tool in Windows XP

Windows XP is deprived of the one of the most basic feature i.e. snipping tool. Snipping tool is basically a screenshot tool which helps users in taking screenshots just by pressing PRINT SCREEN button as well as using the paint method. But do you have any idea about how to use Windows 7 snipping tool in Windows XP? No? Don’t worry; here we will help you for the same. But, I personally recommend you to upgrade to Windows 7 from Windows XP but Windows XP is really a versatile version of OS.

What basically a snipping tool is and what its use? Snipping tool trances a screen shot of each and everything which shows up on the desktop at the appropriate time which includes any pictures or any particular section of any file or webpage. Users need to snip in the whole window which is particularly a rectangular section of the screen which they want to have in their screen shot followed by annotating, saving or sending an e-mail via using the buttons provided in the Snipping Tool Window.

Snipping Tool of Windows 7

Do you know what you need to do in order to use Windows 7 snipping tool in windows XP? Users need to download it from its official site CodePlex – Snipping Tool which is being developed in C#. This particular application requires updated as well as compatible 4.0 version of .NET framework. Do you have any idea about how to install and use Windows 7 snipping tool in Windows XP? Let’s turn our heads forward to it.

  • Users need to download it from the above mentioned official link which is basically a beta version link of Windows XP Snipping tool.
  • Users need to unzip it followed by its installation by clicking on setup.exe.
  • After its successful installation, users will get to see a black camera on their desktop screen in the task bar.
  • To use the same, users need to click on the camera followed by choosing a capture option for taking screenshots in their Windows XP.
  • A window will pop-up similar as in Windows 7, users just need to use it for capturing the screen after that.
  • Once the menu will appear on the top of the Windows, users can simply capture the desired region by dragging the mouse followed by left click. Once successfully done, users must click on the crop option followed by save to preserve it on desktop.

ALL DONE! And it seems to be pretty simple. No? Using Windows 7 snipping tool in Windows XP provides similar features to the same. Furthermore, the snipping tool in Windows XP is equipped with many more features in comparison to snipping tool of Windows 7 which includes re-size, crop as well as copy-to-clip board and many more. The windows 7 snipping tool works pretty much similar in Windows XP. You just need to be cautious as well as generous because the version is still available in beta version and its official version is still going under changes and some enhancements. Enjoy!