How to Use Google AdWords Keyword Planner: Tips and Ideas

The Google AdWords keyword Planner tool allows users or advertisers to determine the best keywords in their niche and use this information to make more profitable ad campaigns. It can also be used as an SEO tool for keyword research. You can get the search trends for the keywords of your liking and you can also estimate the traffic for your ad campaign.

The Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool combines the Google Keywords Tool and the AdWords Traffic Estimator into a single platform. This can save you a lot of time.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

In this article we share the effective strategies to use Google AdWords keyword planner.

So after you log into Google AdWords, hover over to the “Tools” tab and select the Keyword Planner. Here you find four major paths which are discussed below.

Explore Ideas of New Keywords and Ad Groups

You can rely on google to give you suggestions for various keywords. You can then plan your ad using the various keyword ideas. When you search for a keyword, google gives details about that keyword and other related keywords. It divides it into two broad categories Ad Group Ideas and keyword Ideas. You can also decide which keywords to target for your website by taking advantage of results provide by Google AdWords Keyword Planner. After you search for your keyword you need to consider 3 main factors:-

  • Average Monthly Searches – This is the number of times the people search for the keyword you have entered. You must note that the results given are that of the exact keyword you have entered. For example if you searched for the keyword “dog training” and the Average Monthly Searches were 60,500, that means this exact keyword receives 60,500 searches per month. For most cases,higher number of searches would indicate tougher competition. However you also need to have a look at other factors before deciding.
  • Competition – Using this you can get the idea of the number of advertiser that is competing for this keyword. Google divides it into three – Low, Medium & High. If lesser of number of advertisers are competing for that keyword then the competition would be low and similarly if large no. of advertisers are competing for that exact keyword, the competition would be high. If you are planning to place an ad for a high competition keyword then you should have a high budget. However, in terms of SEO, high competition may not necessarily mean that many websites are competing for it. The keyword might have a lot of advertisers, but few websites might be competing for it. You can analyse that by searching for that keyword on google. In some cases it is found that not many websites are competing and you can take advantage of this to rank your website for a high competition keyword.
  • Suggested Bid – This gives the average cost the customers are paying for each click through that keyword. However this is not the exact amount that a click would cost but it is more of an estimate. The bid is higher for money keywords like “lawyers in Dallas” and it would be quite less for a general keyword like “Americas Got Talent”.

If you are looking to advertise and you have finalized a keyword then click on “Add to Plan”. Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool will then give you various estimates regarding the no. of clicks you will receive and the daily cost you are expected to incur.

However these details are not that specific. You can add various filters to know dedicated information and plan you ad campaign using targeted data.  We have briefly discussed the top filters you should apply:-

  • Location Specific Targeting – If you do not select this then Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool will share information about that keyword on a global scale. However you can be specific to a country or countries or any specific city. For example, if you are planning to target “Lawyers in Dallas”, then select Dallas, United States in the Locations option. The trends that Google will show will be for the people living in Dallas searching for that keyword. This will give you targeted data.
  • Negative Keywords – If you are planning to find information about a particular ad group of data and you don’t want to seedate for some keywords, you can mention them, and the tool will exclude them from the results.
  • Customize your Search – You can select the minimum searches and the bid for keyword ideas. You can also include or exclude a certain phrase in all your keyword ideas. This can be used particularly when you are looking to target long-tail keywords. So if you want to get ideas related to keyword “how to make money online” and you can include the phrase “make money” and you would find it in every keyword idea.
  • By Product Category – You can also search your keywords from the many categories that have been pre-defined by Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool.

Find Search Volume for a Group of Keywords

If you have your own list of keywords then you upload it and you will get results for those keywords only. This can be used if you want to know information about a large number of keywords. You can also save the information through an excel file. You can also apply certain filters to this method also.

Search Traffic Estimates for a Group of Keywords

You can get traffic estimates for the particular keyword or keywords. These traffic estimates are only calculate through the ads and do not take organic search into account. You can find the traffic estimate exact keyword and also for broad match i.e. keywords that are somewhat related to your keyword.

Multiple Keyword Lists to Search Fresh Keywords

If you want to get estimates for different combinations of keywords, then you can use this tool. It has two lists and you can add multiple keywords to both of them. It will give you the estimates for each and every combination from those two lists. For example, in list 1, you enter, cheap and costly & in list 2 you enter laptops, mobiles and juicer. Then you will get traffic estimates for keywords – cheap laptops, cheap mobiles, cheap juicer, and costly laptops and so on.

So Google AdWords keyword planner can be used in a lot of different ways and you can use it effectively by applying the various tips shared above.