How to upgrade easily to MS Office 2010 from Microsoft Office 2007

In 2013, Office 2010 RTM was made available to the public and that was the very right time to upgrade as well as explore the new updated version of MS Office 2007 to MS Office 2010. The users who are using MS Office 2007 can easily and freely update it to MS Office 2010 without uninstalling the previous version. During the upgrade, previous settings are restored and don’t get deleted. But do you actually know that how to upgrade easily to MS Office 2010 from Microsoft MS Office 2007? If not, then do not worry at all let’s head forward and you will get to know everything associated with it.

MS Office 2010

Upgrade to MS Office 2010 from MS Office 2007

  • First, users need to download the setup of MS Office 2010
  • After downloading it, open and install followed by entering the product key with a click on the continue button
  • A license agreement window will pop up and here too users need to agree and continue with the process
  • Next window will appear with two options, Upgrade and Customize. Users need to select the option ‘Upgrade’ and the upgrading will start from 2007 to 2010
  • Once it will be done, a new pop up will appear asking the user to reboot their PC or Laptop. You must click on ‘yes’ to reboot your machine and automatically the installation process will be completed.

ALL DONE! Now you can enjoy MS Office 2010 on your PC or Laptop.

But before purchasing the copy of MS Office 2010, you need to remember few things. Firstly, you need to ensure that your PC or Laptop or Mac must meet all the requirements. It is important because you need to install the newest version which will help you in getting a productive output suite from Microsoft. Secondly, Office 2010 is not only available in x86 like Office 2007 but it is available even in x64 and x86 but you can only upgrade it from Office 2007 x86 to Office 2010 x86. If you will try to upgrade to x64 then you will receive error messages. So, this simply means that if you want to avoid the errors then you need to uninstall Office 2007 32-bit followed by installing Office 64-bit.

We tried to get the method for you to make the upgrading easier. Please share your views about the same with us by commenting below.

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