Best Social Management Tools: Manage Multiple Social Accounts Easily

Having a hectic life, still need to make updates on all your social networking profiles?

But here’s some problem, not all your friends, colleagues, relatives, customers or say fans follow you on the same social networking website together, right? There are some on Facebook, some on Instagram and then there’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Buffer etc. So how do you manage to stay connected and still do not waste your time doing the same thing over and over again on different sites? Managing your social media profiles has taken a great significant form in day to day lives.

The role of social management tools come to play at this point now. Since, Social Media Marketing is not just about advertising or having a couple of channels and profiles. It is about socializing and you will need the right social management tool to do this! It is about creating a genuine and long lasting presence in the social network that will manage your content and brand it into the places where consumers are gathering and sharing. It is about spreading your brand to the society where all can enjoy and to make them aware of the efforts you do to make their life simpler.

So, following is the list of social management tools providing versatile features for management.

1.     Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a management and engagement platform for social businesses. With this app you can smoothly control your Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts with easy to use message composition tool. Also, shorten links, attach photos and customize your posts are some of the cool features which you can treasure. You can also schedule your posts and ads. It also involves the feature of engagement which ensures that none of the customers goes unanswered. Hence, it comes with an inbuilt stream inbox which keeps complete track of all your conversations, so, you will never miss any important message. Sprout makes it incredibly efficient to engage with customers across multiple social channels. It even monitors and analyses about what people are saying about your brand on the social media. A trail version of this tool is available for 30 days.

2.     SocialManagementTool

This tool named as ‘Social Management tool’ supports multiple media platforms and enables you to manage networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,, WordPress and many more. It empowers its user to mail, SMS and update social media network along with blogs all at once. This tool measures the effectiveness of your social media and campaigns. Other features offered are tracking and analysis of your progress in market, scheduling messages and generating auto responds, manage multiple users and clients and brand monitoring. This tool comes with a trial version of 14 days.

3.     Hootsuite


As any other social management tool, Hootsuite also offers management, enhancement, monitoring, analysing, rescheduling posts and tracking of your brands status. The prominent feature of this tool is that it offers two plans- pro and enterprise. The former is apt for small and medium businesses while the latter is useful for large corporations and business entities. The benefit from these plans is enhanced analytical report and multiple user profiles and team members. It offers a 30 days trial version.

4.     CrowdBooster


CrowdBooster offers its users all the facilities as the other tools. In addition to this, it also purveys its user 4 different plans according to different needs. These plans work according to the number of user profiles you want to manage on one network. It also comes with online support through live chats and forums. The trial version lasts for 30 days.

5.     Everypost


Everypost manages your Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and many other networks. It allows you to personalize each message or post on every social media. It allows you to post videos, photos, texts of any size and format in an easy way. Also you can save your posts in Dropbox and also comes with a URL trimmer. Most of the other features of this tool are common with the ones mentioned before.

These were some of the social media management tools you can try before settling down for any one of them. All of them provide all the indispensable features one seeks in a management tool. Go ahead, try one for yourself!