Top Must Use Android Apps in 2014

The android market is getting bigger day by day because of its extremely classy features which allow users to perform customization up to any limit, security, numerous options while selecting the handset and much more.

The android has one more feature which has been its key factor of success over the years and that is its pool of apps. The android has really got a sea full of apps under every possible niche like gaming, entertainment, news and information and many others.

Users today find themselves in a dilemmatic condition while selecting the apps for their use. But, there are some apps which could be the part of everyone’s download list as they are the best and most useful.

Well, here below are some must use android apps in 2014, and I bet you’ll like them all.

Waze (Travel and Transport)

The traffic scenario today has gone worse in most of the cities and the rapid construction has made sure that people should get lost in traffic and under construction roads.


To conquer this problem a navigation app is a must have in your android phone. The Waze, which has been acquired by Google recently, is an outstanding app for this purpose.

The Waze gets connected to your mobile GPS to let you know the real road situations like traffic, jams and even accidents informed by users. The app also can be used by a group and they can synchronize to meet up at their destination point by keeping the track of each other’s progress.

Flipboard (News)

The internet has brought the interest of people back in what’s new going on. The apps on Play store provide you the news from every part of the world with ease and as per your topics of zeal.


The Flipboard is an app which has ability to make the news tailor made for you. With Flipboard, you can choose your favorite topics like politics, sports, weather and others to get the news, and you can dig out any other specific story as well.

You can also make your own news magazine of news and share it with your friends over the social networking websites as well.

Netflix (Entertainment)

Enjoying the life is the most important thing, despite all the work you’ve got. Though, there could be some change in methods of getting entertained like watching a movie or your favorite TV show if you can’t go out every now and then.


The Netflix is an app which gives you the best list of videos and movies with unlimited fun. The service of Netflix is absolutely remarkable among the others and its compatibility with n number of devices has played an important role in its success too.

The only thing which Netflix doesn’t have is the content downloading, and the time it’ll allow then there won’t any stopping for it, but till that time it’s still a must use app for android in 2014.

Amazon Kindle (Books)

Many of us still follow the rule that ‘books are the best friends of humans’, with the technology we’ve got today, the style of reading has gone online.

There are many portals and apps which offer you online free reading and Amazon is just amidst them. The Kindle platform is available as an android app and if you find yourself a bookworm then it’s obviously a must use app for android in 2014.

Amazon Kindle

And, if you’re thinking that you have to buy a Kindle Tab to use this app, then, let me tell you the fact that you only need an Amazon account for that purpose, which can easily be made on the website.

Flickr (Photography)

The images are the best memories we have, and technological revolution of smartphone arena has brought up some good result in improving the cameras for them.


Now, to use such high quality cameras of your android phones, there must be an app to provide you all the customization options to edit your images, and the Flickr is truly awesome in it.

It provides you 1 Terabyte of space and uploads the original image without affecting its pixel size. So don’t you think that it is a must use app for android in 2014 for photography?

MX Player (Media Player)

The smartphones are widely used for watching the videos and with the increasing size of phablets/tablets; they are suitable for movie watching too.

MX Player

The MX player is one in all media player for all type of possible files in your android phone. There are ample options of media players, but I find this particular player as best because of its quality, features, compatibility and interface.

So if you don’t want to feel annoyed while watching a video or movie, consider MX player as a must use android app for 2014.

Google Drive (Online Storage)

The cloud storage of documents is increasing day by day as they provide more security and anytime access to your documents.

Google Drive

The Google Drive is no doubt the best option for this purpose. It now provides you the 15 GB of free storage against the 5 GB in the past. But, the main reason because of which I prefer the Google Drive over any other cloud service is its editing feature both online and offline.

Moreover, you can also print your documents after editing, but for that you printer must be connected to the cloud services like Google Cloud Point.

Office Suite 7 (Document Editor)

The big sized smartphones are swiftly taking the place of laptops as they can virtually do every work.

Office Suite 7

The document editor is one of the areas which need an efficient app to perform the task. The Office Suite 7 is the best app in the arena because of its features and options.

It can easily edit all kinds of documents of your use and you can synchronize all your cloud storage accounts like Google Drive, Drop box and many others.

Around Me (Local Guide)

Whenever we go on vacations or long drives, it’s hard to find a good restaurant to eat, petrol filling stations, movie theaters and other useful places.

Around Me

The wide range of android apps has some local guides available which can tell you about all these places, which are best according to the user reviews.

The Around Me is ones of the popular one in this niche to provide you all the information about all the above place and bars, parking, hospitals and coffee shop as well.

I guess this is surely a must use android app for 2014, as the time is gone when we used to ask the locals for these information and paying a price for something we didn’t like.

Fitocracy (Health and Fitness)

Being fit and fine is one of the most important tasks in today’s hectic schedule of life. If you’re not fully fit, then I bet that it’s not possible to work with enthusiasm and zeal for too long.


The Fitocracy covers all the possible exercise and games and keeps the track of your progress in a unique manner. It gives you the points, badges and rewards when you complete any task.

I guess all of us want to stay fit and that thought only makes this app a must use android app for 2014.

AVG Antivirus (Security)

The smartphones are the new targets of hackers and anti social elements as we are using the smartphones for mobile banking and other payments as well as work mails nowadays.

AVG Antivirus

These things force us to use an antivirus with effective working for our android smartphone. The AVG is a free app which you can use in your mobile.

The AVG not only detect the malware in your phone, but also helps you phone work better by killing the background task and safe browsing. It also helps your track you stolen device with the help of your android account. Now, that’s a must use app for android in 2014 because of increasing suspicious activities.

Battery Doctor (System)

The smartphones have the universal problem of battery drainage and to counter this issue, android has many options available for you.

Battery Doctor

The Battery Doctor is an app which keeps the track record of your battery usage pattern does that efficiently. This app saves battery for your important task and you can even schedule the time also to save the battery.

The app has many more features like automatic adjustment of lights, data usage and other to make a tailor made plan for you. And, I guess these features are enough to make it appear on the must use android apps for 2014 list.

Wrap Up

The above list an example to show you the coverage area of android apps because of which android OS is thriving in the smartphone world. There could be many more must use android apps for 2014 under the niches like gaming, weather, lifestyle, social media and other which you can use.

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