Top Ideas by TechGreet before Buying a Gadget in India in 2014

Our surroundings are full gadgets in today’s life as the technology bomb has exploded in the last half decade. Smartphones to Laptops, Cameras to Electrical Appliances, Wireless Chargers to Internet Data Cards and much more are the part of our daily life now.

But, what this technology explosion has done is giving us options with the blend of scams too. Many unsocial people are trying to loot or making false commitments before selling a gadget and then only consumer is the only sufferer.


To conquer these issues, we, the TechGreet is here to let you know that what things or precautions you should keep in mind before buying a gadget in India in 2014.

Check it thoroughly before you take it home                                 

It is quite often that the consumer will get attracted to a gadget which is on a display and once they purchased that, then at home it’ll be defective.

To avoid these circumstances one must check the working and physical condition of packed gadget before taking it home and prefer to get the product which you’ve seen on the display as they are always the best.

Make sure that you have the warranty or guarantee

Whatever the gadget you choose, that is, a machine in last and every machine can face the technical issues anytime. To make sure that your work doesn’t get interrupted by these technical issues, you have the warranty or guarantee card so that either you can ask for a replacement or service.

Read all the terms and conditions

It is must read all the terms and conditions along with the company policies to avoid any hassles with the manufacturer after buying the product.

The reason behind this is there are some important things which the salesmen may not let you know to boost the sales and you might end up with the wrong gadget.

Choose the brand

The brand bug has bitten the Indians, but still a large number of people prefer not to go for that. A brand gives you the utmost security and highest value for your money.

The brands are also clearer with their policies and conditions which are mostly consumer favorable.

Go for good after sales service provider

The gadget you’ve bought for yourself must have good after sales service and consumer support so that you can get the cures for your gadget issues swiftly.

The manufacturers with low service like Motorola soon end up down in the consumer’s eye as any gadget with no track record of service can survive in this optional world.

The maintenance should be low                        

The gadget maintenance should very low, as if you need to spend money after buying a good gadget for you then, there is no point buying that gadget for you.

Also, the parts like also must be easily available if you ever need to replace them.

High resale value

If you ever think to sell out your gadget for any reasons, then you must make sure that the gadget you’ve bought should get you the best resale value.

The branded gadgets often get a better resale value, so it’s highly advised to buy them.

Easy user handling is vital

Just think, that if you’ve bought a gadget and you don’t know how to operate or use it then, what’s the use of that?

To avoid such conditions, make sure that you get a user manual which has elaborated the whole process in a simple way in order to make you understand the working of your gadget.

Don’t forget to get a bill

No matter you’re purchasing a gadget from a showroom or a shop, you must ask for the bill along with all the other documents like guarantee cards and user manual to claim any future conversations with the manufacturers.

Make a good research before buying a gadget

There are plenty of options available nowadays to buy anything you want. It’s good to do some practice over the options available before you go to shop directly and ask for the gadget.

You can take the help of the internet to compare the products or take a round of shops or showroom to decide what is actually meant for you.

Ask the previous buyers for a review

Whenever you’re interested in buying a gadget, don not underestimate the review of users who are currently using the same gadget.

The user’s review will give you the best idea about everything like service, performance, customer support and others.

Keep distance from online shopping

I’m really not against the online shopping, but I actually find it better. Still, it is good to stay away from it when you’re not sure about what exactly you need.

For example, if you want to purchase a particular phone, then you can go online, but in case if you’re spending heavy amount, so must head to the real shops.


The gadgets are no doubt as essential as the Oxygen these days. These gadgets have done a great deal of work to make our life cozier enough to make us lazy, but it’s the comfort only for which we work all day.

Now, if anyone loots your hard-earned money just because you were a little care less about the purchasing time, then how will you feel? I guess the answer is panicked!

So in today’s full of options world, you must keep your eyes wide open when purchasing a gadget online or offline to make sure that nobody is going to bully you ever.

The above list is a guide for you of the things which you should keep in mind while purchasing any gadget to make your life easy and I think if you’ll follow them, then you’ll get the best value for your money.

Though there could be many more things which I would have forgotten to mention over here and I ask you to suggest those things here in the comment section below along with your valuable feedback.

Prashant Talreja

Being a Mechanical Engineer, I'm a hardcore automobile fun. The love for automobiles makes my entry into the blogging arena. And, I ended up as a technical writer. Now, I cover almost all topics under the tech niche for almost 2 years.

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  • May 2, 2014 at 8:34 am

    Where to find previous buyer ? Mostly the testimonial only the good rep about the seller. Not the bad one

    • May 8, 2014 at 8:42 am

      Hello, James

      As far as the previous buyers are concerned, you can easily look up to your friends or friends of friends, you can also troll the famous FB and social network pages to post about a product and can ask for reviews.

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