Best E-Books Apps For Android Phones

It is the world of smart phones (android phones), which works like a mini laptop itself. All the basic and other functions are supported this kind of device. When one can download an e-book from this phone and read it, then it behaves more than just a phone. There are many apps, which helps in the downloading of the e-books very easily. One can get most famous of the titles in electronic format, through these apps, and can enhance one’s reading experience. A few known apps are mentioned below.

Aldiko Book Reader


This app is available for free in the play store, of smart phones, and till date it has been downloaded by over 10 million users of Android phones. E-books are available in various formats like PDF, .dox, .txt and many more, and Aldiko Book Reader supports all kinds of formats, and enables their easy downloading. One can even download most encrypted files through the app. For a few premium Android phones, the app comes in pre-installed and one can be amazed by the multiple book store option, which the app provides. Till date this is one of the most used apps to download any e-book.

Cool Reader


This app is also available for free, for android phones but is a bit complex to understand. It has a complex interface and makes it difficult for the new comers to make the most out of it. One can have great options of themes and texting but again one will have to download the book from elsewhere and then port it to the app for making it readable.



Themes are very important part of the whole e-book app, as it helps in restraining eyes from getting tired. Most common themes available are wood and sepia. FBReader also comes with basic theme options but has a commendable interface. If one has a list of e-books then it can be easily imported into this app and can be read.



This app is an all solution app as it facilitates all the activities that are attached to reading an e-book on android phone. One can download already from the in-built book store and read the required stuff. It provides great themes as backgrounds and thus saves our eyes from any pressure. This app is available for free at play store. One unique thing about this app is that one can comment on the books that one has read, and make others know about the book.



Nook has a huge store of titles, which are available for purchasing. The person who is in the process of making a collection of e-books should consider this app, as one will find the best of the picks. This provides one of the best page turn animations, which gives a feel of reading the book. It also provides an option of increasing the size of the text, changing the font of the book and help night reading with the night mode.

Moon+ Reader


This is a paid app and is bought from the store for $5. The features provided by this app in unbeatable. One can find numerous themes, supporting various formats, and one can access to other book stores. One can get access to books in 40 languages through this app.