Car Buying Guide: Top Cars in India below 5 Lakhs

Buying a car isn’t an easy exercise especially when we consider the choices we are having. When we talk about budget segment of below 5 lakhs, then the choice becomes even tougher as we are looking for fuel efficiency and style along with good service. While earlier, the options were limited to brands like Maruti, Hyundai and Tata, now premium brands like Nissan have also started offering cars in this segment. Most of the cars will be of hatchback type and if you’re looking to buy a car in this segment, read on to find out the best buy.

Nissan Micra Active

Price: Starts from Rs 3.5 lakhs

The Nissan Micra Active looks remarkably similar to the old Micra, and that’s done deliberately as Nissan continues to sell both of them. While the old Micra is sold at a cheaper price, loosing on some features, the Micra Active offers some useful and important features.

Nissan Micra Active


  • 1,200 cc, 3 cylinder petrol engine
  • 68 bhp power
  • 104 Nm torque
  • 251 litres boot space
  • 41 litres fuel tank capacity
  • Mileage of 19.49 km/litre

Chevrolet Beat

Price: Starts from Rs 3.94 lakhs

The Chevrolet Beat has always stood out from the competition thanks to its distinct and bold design. The elongated headlamps at the front also makes the car eye-catching. Targeting both city drivers and long distance drivers, the car comes in petrol and diesel variants. It also comes in LPG variant.

Chevrolet Beat


  • 1,200 cc, 3 cylinder petrol engine/ 1,000 cc, 3 cylinder diesel engine
  • Offers power of 79 bhp (petrol)/ 58 bhp (diesel)
  • Torque of 108 Nm (petrol)/ 150 Nm (diesel)
  • Mileage of 18.6 kmpl (petrol)/ 25.44 kmpl (diesel)

Ford Figo

Price: Starts from Rs3.98 lakhs

Ever since Ford has launched the Figo in India, the car has been getting praises for its comfort and fuel efficiency. Sure enough, it might not get any awards for its simple design, but more important is that it’s very functional. Similar to the Chevrolet Beat, the car comes in Petrol and Diesel variants.

Ford Figo


  • 1,200 cc petrol engine/
  • Power of 71 bhp (petrol)/ 69 bhp (diesel)
  • Torque of 102 Nm (petrol)/ 160 Nm (diesel)
  • 284 litres boot space
  • Fuel tank capacity of 45 litres
  • Mileage of 15.6 kmpl (petrol)/ 20.0 kmpl (diesel)

Maruti Suzuki WagonR Stingray

Price: Starts from Rs 4.19 lakhs

Maruti has revamped its popular Wagon R car with funky and youthful design and dubbed it as Wagon R Stingray. Not much has changed in terms of dimensions of the car, but there are some changes in the placement or addition of components like plastic grille, bumper, and fog lamps.

Maruti Wagon R Stingray


  • 1,000 cc, 3 cylinder petrol engine
  • 67 bhp power
  • 90 Nm torque
  • Mileage of 20.51 km/litre

Honda Brio

Price: Starts from Rs 4.19 lakhs

Honda has entered into this segment with its cheerful looking Brio car, which matches literal meaning of its name as well. Unlike boxy designs of its competitors, the Brio has a round fish design though that also makes it look smaller.

Honda Brio


  • 1,200 cc, 4 cylinder petrol engine
  • 87 bhp power
  • 109 Nm torque
  • Mileage of 19.4 kmpl

Other Mentions

While the above mentioned cars are the best buys, they don’t form a comprehensive list. If you’re looking for more options, following cars could also be a great choice:

  • Hyundai i10: Though Hyundai has started focusing on the recently launched Grand i10, it still continues to sell i10 with the 1,100 cc petrol engine.
  • Tata Indica eV2: Tata Indica is one of the oldest cars in this segment and although its design isn’t that good, it scores high on power thanks to 1,400 cc diesel engine.

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    Honda Brio is my 1st choice among all above cars in India under 5 lakhs and I will surely buy this car in future if i planned to have small car.

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    Nissan Micra Active is attracting people with its great look and interior. In the Low Budget Top Indian Cars, we have Chevrolet Beat and Maruti Suzuki Celerio also a great option.

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    Honda brio is my first choice. I am thinking that this is perfect car for my budget and in dhanteras I will buy it.

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    All these budget cars are good but I like Chevrolet Spark the most, due to its smarter body cuts which make it look more attractive and sporty than others. Various latest cars are launching these days in India.

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