2015’s Top Apps for SmartPhones

Do you own a SmartPhone? Trying to find apps that are helpful and user-friendly? Overwhelmed by the alarming amount of app options?

The vast amount of apps available to smartphone users is seemingly limitless. It can seem a challenge filtering out the perfect photo editor or to do list app among the hundreds of differing options. With a large amount of research and countless user reviews; I bring you the top SmartPhone app of 2015 for both Android and Apple users.

Top Apps for SmartPhones


  1. Swiftkey: Much better option than your on-screen keyboard. This smart prediction keyboard adapts to the way you type. Swiftkey will start to learn how you speak/type. This will help you to type faster and have less typos. Another cool feature is the ability to type in up to three languages at once.
  2. Snapseed: Powerful camera editing app. Allows you to selectively adjust and edit specific areas of your photos. This app comes with a slew of filters to add to your photos as well. This app is the best option available for smartphone picture editing.
  3. WebMD: This app includes diagnosis, listings for healthcare professionals, pharmacies in the area, as well as first-aid guides. This app makes it easier than ever before to access health and wellness information on the go.
  4. Google Hangouts: Instant messaging and free person-to-person calling, with up to twelve callers. You must have a gmail account as this app works right inside of your gmail.
  5. Avast! Security & Antivirus: A great app for keeping your Android protected. This app offers features like; remote-lock, app management, remote wipe, safe web browsing, a battery manager, and a top rated anti-virus engine.
  6. Mr Number: Block unwanted calls and texts from specific people, area codes, or spam. This amazing little app also allows you to look up numbers you don’t recognize.
  7. Cookpad Recipes: This app finds new recipes for you or allows you to add your own favorite recipes; all while generating a grocery list for you based on your recipes.
  8. Duolingo: Looking to learn a new language? This app uses ‘games’ as a fun and interactive way of teaching you. Learn to read, listen, and speak a new language in record time with this easy to use app.
  9. Google Goggles: Your phones camera works with this app to snap photos of anything you want to search; be it a painting you want more information about or a pair of shoes you want a price comparison on. Google Goggles takes the photo and does all the searching for you.
  10. Google Translate: Google translate quickly translates written or spoken words for you. A great companion when you’re traveling abroad.

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  1. Split: This is the ultimate app for multitaskers. Allowing you to split your screen, browsers, etc so you can work with them side by side. For sure to help you increase productivity.
  2. Compass by iVogel: This real compass app is available for iPhone and iPad. This app uses your devices real-time orientation to magnetic fields and has the ability to switch between true and magnetic North. This app also includes weather, GPS, and map features.
  3. WolframAlpha: This app is amazing. It computes virtually everything for you! You can ask WofromAlpha about mathematics, people, history, socioeconomic data, art, health, astronomy, and much much more. This is a fun and educations app.
  4. Awesome Note(+Todo): This app is for creating notes and todo lists. There are loads of todo and note taking apps for Apple. However, this little chic app is the most visually compelling and includes nice little features such as a graphical calendar, and the ability to choose your own colors, fonts, etc.
  5. Dragon Dictation: Speech-recognition software that is incredibly accurate at transcribing whatever it hears and putting it into text format. Great for taking notes during lectures or for recording your own notes, thoughts, or journal entries.
  6. Ifttt: ‘If this, then that’. This app automates just about anything you can think of for your iPhone. Automate everything from backing up photos, to sending text message reminders of upcoming appointments.
  7. AVG Family Safety: A family friendly browser that blocks all sorts of inappropriate content from your eyes and your families. You are able to both monitor and filter content that is viewed on your smartphone.
  8. Shazam: If you hear a song you like but don’t know who the artist is, Shazam will identify the artist and title of the song for you. Just select the app during the song of choice and within a few seconds Shazam will be able to tell you what song is playing.
  9. Gate Guru: This nifty little app will help you navigate airports on your next adventure. Food options, checkpoint wait times, airport maps, and traveler reviews make this app a must have traveling companion.
  10. Stitcher: An alternative podcast app to Apples. This app is a great way to manage all of your podcasts by organizing them into groups and limiting the amount of episodes you can use.


With the increasing amount of apps available to us, the ones above have been tried and tested by countless users in order to bring you the best of the best. Download the above apps to your phone to see for yourself why they are designated the best apps of 2015.

Share your list of apps you think are crucial to downloading onto your smartphone in the comments box below.

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