Best Action Games for your Android Smartphone

Android has gained its popularity due to many reasons that play the role of USPs for the Android marketers to fetch the huge number of followers of Android trend. The software is the main reason behind the high number of followers who opt for Smartphones to enjoy the mobile features of attractive application without any restrictions of location and time. Above all other reasons, the most common reason can be the games that really play an important role for curing the boredom. The users can simply get refreshed by a wonder gaming experience anywhere, anytime irrespective of their current location, situations, and conditions. The gaming experience is what that attracts huge number of crowd for Android manufacturers. The games again have different categories that have further specific games to deliver the relevant experience to the users. So, if you have recently gained the pride to be an owner of Android Smartphone and now would like to test the level of gamer in you, then initially go for some basic levels of few games. When you would clear all the basics of all the categories of games like puzzle, strategy, rescue, bricks, action, and now you have chosen action games to be your preferred category of game, then there are some best lists you can opt for your Android Smartphone.

If you are a lover of action games then you would certainly have a craze for three categories – Shooting, RPG (Role playing Games) and to some extent racing games. So this article will throw light on some the best action games that any game lover would never miss to add their icons in their Android Smart Phones. If you are a hard-core action lover and would not compromise with some other alternatives then you should just keep your focus on the best shooting games that just needs a tap on the screen to hit your target. Android allows some of the best shooting games in their devices to give the best action gaming experience to its users.

So let’s just focus on the best shooting games:

Shooting games normally run on three determining strategies – Sighting the target, taking the aim, and accomplishing the mission. Here is the list of some of the best shooting games:

  1. Call of Duty

Call of Duty

If you really want to feel the heat of first person real armed combat experience then this game will certainly be an inevitable package for your gaming experience. This is a first person shooting game where the play can opt for preparing a full squad through tough missions. It is single player game, but the gamers can lead the leader boards and challenge their friend to reach the level. Some special technical features like dual stick control layout, gyroscopic controls enhance the gaming experience for the gamers. So this game will certainly enliven the action freak in every gamer of Android Smart Phones.

  1. Dead Trigger – 2

Dead Trigger – 2

If you love Zombie-shooting games then Dead Trigger can be an essential gaming application for your Android phone. The graphics of this gaming application will certainly win the hearts of all the hard-core gamers. The game has a slightly different concept where the gamers even have their own hideouts where they can have their crew for helping them build their stuff. The game just have to be smart enough to position the cross-hair perfectly towards Zombie and keep the range, the gun will automatically start shooting , that resembles the name of the game “ Dead Trigger”.

  1. Epoch


It’s a third person shooter game where the gamer has to control a humanoid robot and walk him through an abandoned city demolishing other robots. The primary objective of the game is to protect a princess and get back to the tower where she belongs. The storyline is unlocked through different logs. The rewards are earned in form of scraps that need to be bolted to the robotic body and gain power as different types of upgrades. The game is easier to play in Android devices as the gamer just needs to swipe to perform dives to cover and shoot the targets.

  1. Major Mayhem

Major Mayhem

This is a simple game where you just need to tap on your targets that may be ninjas, secret agents or any creature. The major has to follow the order given by the president to extirpate every being that falls on the way. So it’s just a run and gun side -scroller game.

  1. Modern Combat

Modern Combat

It is one of the best games every phone user has experienced after being cloned from Call of duty. It’s a first person shooter game with stellar graphics, online multiplayer features, and ample unlockable levels and also supports Bluetooth Hardware controllers. With all such features the game has all the advanced features that provide exclusive gaming experience for mobile phone users.

  1. Mass Effect

Mass Effect

This game was a popular PC Game and has now been available for mobile users as well. The players indulge in fire fights following the taps and swipes of the gamer over the phone, and can gain the experience of robotic menace and biotic powers all with a background of world at war campaign.

  1. Pew Pew


It is a game where the gamer has to shoot the scrolling retro art style objects. The visual effects of the game can really puzzle the gamers, but that is the main fun-loving part of the game. The game has different modes and is a single player campaign game. The different modes can be unlocked after the gamer successfully completes the mode and progresses towards higher modes.

  1. Ready Steady Bang

Ready Steady Bang

The game is simple and just runs on the concept of vintage cowboy movies. There is no aiming, no obstacle, just the speed and action. The game will test you nimbleness. It begins with a countdown and as soon as the countdown stops you have to tap on the screen that will be followed by a bang sound. The wait for the sound is what keep the game moving as its randomly played without any definite time.