Traveling this Monsoon? Check out these 5 Must Have Apps!

The monsoons have finally arrived, tourists will be planning their vacations whether it may be domestic or international, killing time on the journey is a necessity. It is really important to know what’s going on and where you can enjoy the culture to its fullest. There are many recommendation sites that aim to provide a service within this industry, like Yelp and TripAdvisor. These apps provide its users the information required to get the most out of your holiday and keep you entertained at the same time.


GogobotGogobot is an app that has been completely updated and now provides its customers with a redesign that makes the app easier to use in terms of organizing a trip. The company has enhanced the display for better use. Recommendations also include lodging, dining and entertainment. Gogobot has a unique way of grouping its users, labeling them as ‘tribes’ allowing them to recommend restaurants and activities to suit their needs. According to the App’s founder Travis Katz, the idea behind Tribes is to explain information based on what people with similar travel styles have enjoyed, which gives the service a more personal feel.


LocishLocish co-founders Grigoris Zontanos and Alexis Christodoulou set out to address the problem of a “one-size-fits-all” approach for online recommendations. With this application, the main aim is to save your time. When looking at holidays a user often spends a remarkable amount searching vigorously for what sort of activities the destination to offer. Also, when a user is looking up for reviews, very often than not, its liking finding for a needle in the haystack. Even when we do find a review, the details provided can be very vague or lackluster. Locish allows the users to create their own personal preference page so you can build up a recommendation platform based on specific details, other than unwanted and useless words.

WSOP Real Money App

WSOP Real Money Poker games and Poker tournaments in New Jersey by World Series of PokerIn terms of keeping yourself busy and entertained on your journey, this great app is very much essential for all of the app lovers. This is the real money online app from the biggest name in the game. The app offers its users the opportunity to sit and relax whilst playing for big money prizes.


NaraThe main aim of the app Nara is to enable the users to save their time while looking up for reviews. Developed in Cambridge, Nara is another app that was created to put an end to the needless searching of poor reviews and recommendations. this app uses computational neuroscience to build a good choice of selected details based on the users personal preference.

Conde Nast Traveler’s Gold List

Condé Nast Traveler Gold ListOne of the latest app that the users have seen is Conde Nast Traveler that collects information from all the resorts, hotels, cruises, restaurants and bars. This service also includes a section for the more premium customers, providing a definitive guide to all of the ‘posh properties’. Tagged as the ‘Gold List’, it shows recommendations from Very Important Travelers (VIT’s) and they include artist Natasha Law, stylist Ann Caruso and hotelier Jeff Klein.