Top 10 Reasons to Buy Moto E in India

In the mobile market, Motorola Company made a big reappear with its middle range wonders Moto G which is a great purchase at its cost. Even its higher end Moto X has been doing great as equated to smart phones from other makers. The new Moto E, Motorola breaks even more blockade and gives you some exceptional features at a very low-priced. The following are the 10 reasons why we think that you should purchase the Moto E.

1. KitKat to boot

Motorola Moto E Smartphone runs the latest version of Android, but it is still unable to establish the latest Android OS. Motorola resists that concept and gives you Moto E with the new version of Android and its feature is 4.4.2 KitKat.

2. Android updates

Motorola says that Moto E will receive atleast one software update to bring it up to date with the present KitKat 4.4.3 OS. It is likely to receive more updates in future as Android becomes more optimized for low-end phones. It is working closely with Google gives Motorola even more benefit in the race to latest Android updates. In this matter, Motorola has delivered on all of its Android devices.

4.4.2 KitKat

 3. Specifications

Moto E Smart phone cost is only Rs 6,999 featuring such specifications is quite exceptional. Even the Indian makers, who are known to establish low price gadgets with good hardware, will find it hard to tackle Motorola on this front. KitKat is super and there are no navigation and lag feels very smooth except some hiccups when browsing gaming or heavy sites. 1GB of RAM gives sufficient space to run multiple applications simultaneously.

 4. Build quality & design

It has a similar design with the glossy front panel and a curved back and it feels solid in hand as it weighs nearly the same as its larger brother. The phones with these screen dimension sizes are the ideal size for a durable Smartphone and the phone neither feels too large nor too small. It is made of excellent polycarbonate plastic that feels smooth and premium dissimilar other low price phones.

5. Battery life

The most important and strongest features of Moto E are its batters and it packs a 1980 mAh battery which is superior for a less price phone.The battery on Moto E is more than good enough to keep you connected to your networks all over the day. Motorola rightly claims that Moto E has the “power to last”.

6. Gorilla glass 3 protections and Nano Coating

A Motorola Company surprised phone lovers at the launch event when it declared that the Moto E features high-end screen protection. Such high-end protection has been established on premium gadgets that price way very much more. This phone comes with the best and good screen protection which makes it “built to last”. On such a high-class protection of Gorilla Glass 3 for your screen, you don’t require to concern about daily scratches. As well, Moto E does not have Gorilla Glass 3 protections to assist you worry less about your phone. It features Nano Coating which makes it water resistant to occasional splashes.

7. Screen quality

The phone Moto E screen is 4.3 inches and the display is bright and resolution 960X540 pixels. The phone is the best screen on a Smart hone in its class. It features smudge proof coating on the front which keeps it clean of the usual residue left by dust and touches.

8. Accessories and support

Moto E comes with a broad range of cases and covers called as Motorola Shells which are sold individually. It released lots of colours for users and Motorola gives 9 colours for Shells and 5 different colours for its Grip shells, which are designed to offer protection from physical damage. The Shells give your phone a distinct personality with each different cover.

9. Compact and comfortable

Moto E is compact and durable and it easily fits into the pockets and is easy to carry around. It weighs 142 grams. Simply similar the Moto G, its ergonomics are designed to fit well in hand. It may be quite thick in the middle, but it is very slim for the edges 6.2mm.

10. It is a Moto

Motorola is doubtlessly a trusted cell phone brand and it has already sold millions of smart phones in Brazil, India and many nations of Europe. It offers superior products, it gives an excellent after sale support. After this it has been a vast problem for Indian makers who are capable to offer good devices at reasonable rates.

Moto E

Moto E is a fantastic Smartphone which is tailor made for consumers who want splendid value at a very low-priced. It may be missing features such as flash and a front camera but looking at its cost, it is the best phone that Rs 6,999 can purchase right now.

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