Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions: List of Best Extensions

Google Chrome is the best browser available on the World Wide Web, famous for its simplistic interface and advanced features. One of the best things on Google chrome is the use of extensions, which can extend the capabilities of the browser. There are many kind of extensions available but here we will be talking about some of the most important extensions which you must install in Google Chrome.

Adblock Plus

If you’re visiting many sites on the web and fed up with the advertisements that come in your way and spoil your experience as well as waste your time, then this extension in Chrome browser is very helpful.

It’s the best ad blocking extension available for Google Chrome developed by The tool is available for free and blocks annoying ads while watching videos on YouTube, Facebook advertisements, banner ads, pop ups, etc. This browser extension is used by 10,000,000+ users. Extension is popular to-do manager service available across the web and mobile platforms. It’s also available in Google chrome as an extension. It helps you remember everything you need to do by using the reminders. More than 5 million users are using this tool in Chrome. Another nifty feature in this extension is the embedded Gmail feature, which enables user to mark any email as a to-do task.

Evernote Web Clipper

This is also a productivity extension available in Google Chrome with the reach of more than 3,240,000 users. This is a very useful tool for saving and sharing web pages, taking screenshots in the browser and much more. There are many other features available on this extension such as setting reminders for clipped web pages, and background uploading. It also allows user to search for Evernote notes with the help of simple Google search.

Screen Capture (by Google)

In Chrome there are many useful extensions are available by Google for users and one of them is Screen Capture. As the name suggests, it’s very useful for taking screenshots of visible content, the whole page or selected content area. Before saving the screenshots users can edit them and adjust the images according to their requirements. You can also share the image to Facebook, Imgur and other popular websites.

Google Mail Checker

This is another must have extension from Google for Gmail users. Nowadays we use Gmail for emailing and other purposes, so this extension shows you the number of unread emails in your Gmail account and whenever you click on the extension it directly takes you to your Gmail account. Hence it’s very useful for people to know about new emails even without keeping Gmail open in a tab.


Another extension from Google, which is next version of messaging client Google Talk. Similar to Google Talk, users can use Hangouts to be in touch with their friends by text, voice and video calls. The best part is that all of this can be done without even opening the Chrome browser as it runs in the background.


Too many passwords to remember, that’s not an easy task. LastPass is the best way to manage those passwords. With this service, you will only have to remember the master password for LastPass and then after saving the user names and password for all the websites, it can auto login to those sites. And it will also sync your data so that you can use it anywhere with LastPass.

Pocket (formerly Read It Later)

Pocket as the name suggest that it is a kind of pocket for you where you can save something from the web and view it later. The data you save here also can be accessed even if you are not connected to internet. The pocket tool syncs the WebPages you save, can be accessed anywhere you want even on popular mobile OS Android and iOS.


You share many things on twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from time to time. However Buffer makes sharing easy for you so that you can share content from anywhere with one click at the time you want. It is also helpful in tracking and analyzing everything you share.

mxHero Toolbox

Using Gmail? Then now is the right time to supercharge it with mxHero Toolbox. It allows you to track opening of email attachments, click on links, and read receipts at the time your email is being read. The app is also helpful for reminding you of important emails, and allows sending of self destruct emails. The app offers all this functionality and much more for free.


So which of these extensions you’re using in the Chrome? Any extension we missed out in the list? Do let us know through comments.