Tips to Find the Best Domain Name for Your Brand in 2014

The domain of a website or a brand is something which you must choose with utmost priority, if you wish to thrive in the virtual world of internet. There are uncountable numbers of startups which never made it big due to their improper selection of the domain name.

And, now as the virtual world is growing faster than the real world, one should keep this domain name selection thing in mind before they launch their brand in the competition.

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Here below is a guide to help you choose a domain name for your brand in 2014. I hope you’ll find it helpful.

Don’t make it Too Long

Whenever you choose a domain name for your brand name, try to make it short and simple for the ease of users. As people tend to use the names or get attracted to the names which are easy to remember and type.

A domain name can be 67 words long, but if that would become reality, then I don’t have to tell to the consequences as I guess you’re already aware with them.

Avoid the Slangs

It’s very common nowadays to use slangs like ‘u’ for ‘you’ and many others to make the conversation faster. But, if you’ll use such words in your domain name, then it’ll create a state of confusion in the mind of users because they don’t know what slang you’ve chosen; they just know the pronunciation.

For example, if you want the word ‘express’ in your domain and you use it as ‘xpress’, then it’ll surely be difficult for the user to find you out on the internet as they’ll the former and will navigate to the other portal.

Focus the Keyword

The importance of keyword can’t be neglected while selecting a domain name as it fetches the extra traffic for your brand and to thrive in the virtual world, you need exactly that.

Like if you are venturing in a car selling business, then having the word ‘car’ in your domain name, for example, ‘’ could be effective for the rapid growth of your brand in the market.

Specify the Area

Whenever a brand is needed to be established, then there a few steps which are important to get success and the first step is, becoming famous in the local area.

Say for example, your business is about automobile service and you’re situated in Texas, then it’s advised to choose a domain like ‘texasauto’ or something like that.

As the benefit of these types of keywords, you’ll get the maximum of the traffic from the Texas area and I guess this is what you wanted. Didn’t you?

Try to use words instead of symbols and hyphens

It’s a truth that while typing a domain name, people are very keen to use minimum words and remembering the symbol is not an easy task.

So, to avoid such situations of getting less traffic or fame just because of a symbol/number and hyphen used by you in your domain name, you must prefer the words only.

Make it Catchy for Tongue

A brand gets additional value to its name when it’s easy to remember or simple in speech. A word that is hard to pronounce is not preferred to select as a domain name.

You must choose a domain name with catchy and appealing tone. Like for example, if are a fashion brand, then you must choose a domain name like ‘fashionfloor’ or ‘wear the trend’ and others, which force people to keep you in mind.

Spend time on researching before Selecting

There is quite a situation when you get a notice from another company for using their name unknowingly and all your dreams become shattered. That is why it is better to do some research over your domain name before selecting it.

You can take service of any hosting companies for this research campaign as they’ll not only let you know about the registration of your domain, but will tell you some matching examples as well.

Carefully Select the Extension

The extensions for a domain while registering it, is a very important area of concern for getting the extra traffic and staying away from the unnecessary competition.

Domain names and internet concept

There are many extensions available for domains and here below is the list according to their usages.

  • .me – It’s used for personal blogs and websites.
  • .org – It’s for non-profits and non-commercial organizations. (Wikipedia)
  • .biz – It is very common for e-commerce type websites.
  • .co – It is a short name for any company, commerce and community.
  • .info – It’s for educational and informational domains.
  • .net – It’s for technical and internet infrastructure related websites.

Finish the Competition

It’s very obvious that a business getting run by you could be the dream of anyone else too. So that person may get the same idea of the domain name and register it with another extension and hence cutting some of your traffic down.

To get rid of such instance, you should register other extensions with the same domain and some close matching name also. Like for example, if your domain name is ‘’, then you can register ‘’ or along with the spelling like ‘expertviews’ and ‘xpertview’.

This step will make sure that you should face any cut off in your traffic because of such silly carelessness.


The domain names are very crucial when it comes to the establishment of a brand name in the virtual world. You must practice all the above tips in order to thrive and make your website a brand in this highly competitive market.

One more thing you must keep in mind after the selection of the domain name, that is, registering it as soon as possible because the world is growing very fast nowadays and your idea can be of other’s within seconds.

Also, if anybody of you has any other tips regarding the same topic, then you’re most welcome to be the part of this discussion in the comment section below.

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