Top Things to do with your iPhone you are not aware of

Hey geeks! Do you own an iPhone? Yes? You must know all of its functions. Yes? But what if we tell you that there are some top things to do with your iPhone you are not aware of? Shocked? No. No. Don’t be. Owning an iPhone means it will be with you at each point of time everyday which does remind you about those little things which you sometimes tend to forget. The device rests while you rest and sleep while you sleep. Furthermore, iPhone even talks back. Merely how you know that you are really well aware about your iPhone?

iPhone 5S

Many of my family members are too using iPhones but then I realised that many of them were missing out some top things which they can do with their iPhone. Let’s head turn over with the top things which people are really not aware of. But guys are you really sure that you just make calls and play games on your iPhone? Buck up guys because now here we will tell you about top things to do with your iPhone you are not aware of and seriously these will be fun as well as functional too.

Clicking Photos via using headphones

We must start discussing some of iPhone’s new discovered features with something really interesting as well as simple. While clicking pictures from iPhone, we must keep in mind that though the device is being equipped with some advanced features but still its just an Apple device. Pictures do get blurry at times and in order to lessen the possibility, users can simply make a use of their Apple headphones as a shutter button for clicking pictures. Users just need to open the camera app and press the centre button of the headphones.

HDR Photo boosting

We hope that all our readers are aware of HDR technology which is basically a high-dynamic range and it just clicks on two photos followed by matching their qualities and finally offer an amazing photo in just 5 seconds at maximum. Your iPhone will allow you to experience the feature when you will click on camera app and select the option for HDR. While adjusting the flash settings, HDR turns off automatically and even adjusts the lighting accordingly.

Assessing more from Assistive Touch

Users with disabilities do not be disheartened because now Apple has really made a successful development in their iPhone i.e. more accessibility. iPhone is now equipped with an Assistance feature which disable people can easily use in order to navigate. Users are now being lucky because they can experience the fun without being differently-able.

Notifications via LED alerts

Many other devices including Blackberry are equipped with a feature of notification alerts via LED lights and now even iPhone users will be surprised to know that their device has got the same feature as well.

Faster Scrolling to Top

Sometimes users might get irritate scrolling to the top while reading some web page. Scrolling is time-consuming as well as users need to use their thumb. Now you just need to tap on the top bar and click in order to reach to the top so there will be no need to go through any trouble anymore.

Apple iPhone 5S

Want to discover various new iPhone features? Yeah, off course because discovering new things with a device really spice all the things up. Furthermore, discovering new features even makes the experience of iPhone-using more rich. But do remember that finding new features in your iPhone will take few months and if you encounter new features that will simply means you found it by mistake. So, we helped you in discovering new features along with top things to do with your iPhone you are not aware of and please share it with your friends if you find this valuable. Please share some more things which you might have discovered about your iPhone device.