Who Control the Social Media Platforms: An Overview

The average person spends around 3 hours per day perusing social media, whether that be micro-blogging site Twitter, photo sharing app Instagram or everything rolled into one, Facebook. These forms of media keep us up to date on the world around us, telling you what’s trending, the latest news and how friends and family are doing. Each of these makes an impact on your life every day and influences your way of thinking as you absorb the hundreds and thousands of opinions that are presented to you.

Who Owns Our Social Media Infographic

But do you really know who owns and controls the social media you use every day?

MyVoucherCodes.co.uk have put together an informative infographic which shows us the giants who are running our social media, what they’re worth altogether and what they’re making from us. Facebook comes out top as our biggest player in social media, with 1.07 billion users monthly on its own site, and having recently acquired other big players including Instagram, with 200 million users, and WhatsApp with 600 million, bringing its total controlled users to 1.9 billion monthly. Google is the next social media giant, following closely behind with 1.54 billion monthly users, combining the YouTube and Google+ platforms. Google however out trumps Facebook hugely in its value, being worth $382 billion as compared to Facebook’s $192 billion value; LinkedIn, Twitter and Yahoo come up lower in value at $75 billion, $49 billion and $35 billion respectively.

The other social media websites following behind the giants, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Yahoo, the infographic identifies the new kids on the block, those platforms that are on their way up, expanding and slowly drawing the younger generation away from Facebook and Twitter; these include Pinterest, Snapchat, AskFM, We Heart It and Kik messenger. Pinterest is the most popular currently, with 70 million monthly users and a value of $5 billion – the infographic also reveals that they, along with Instagram, have started running ads during the course of 2014, but have not yet shared figures.

Take a look through the infographic, it really speaks for itself. It might surprise you just how many companies and competitors the social media giants have bought recently to keep themselves on top of their market, with Google controlling over 160, Yahoo soaring over 100, Facebook following at 45, Twitter at 30 and LinkedIn at 10, and how much they’re earning from your visits, Facebook maxing out at $2.68 billion in the 2nd Quarter of 2014 in advertising revenue, and Twitter at $277 million.