The Future is Now! Six Amazing Technological Marvels That Prove It

The wave of futuristic ideas began to creep into the modern age in the last couple of decades. What people thought to be mere science fiction continues to emerge as science fact. Six revolutionary devices surface from the depths of modern genius to help humanity grasp how futuristic their world has become.

Amazing Technology

The Smart Phone

People raved when developers forged the first flip phones. Initially, many of these phones looked like something out of the Star Trek saga. Today, the flip phone lost its appeal with the advent of the smart phone and the phablet. These amazing devices provide more than simple cellular service. Smart phones put the power of a computer in the palm of an eager hand.


Another device paving the way of the future is the use of modern electronic tablets. Again, this device was featured on the Star Trek series to indicate to modern people what the future held in store for the technologically savvy. The futuristic gadgets of Hollywood movies now find their use in everyday life.

Talking Computers

When your electronic devices talk back, you will have certainly reached the future. Strangely enough, talking computers have worked their way into society over the last few decades. This means that some lucky people have been experiencing the future for quite some time now.

Computerized Watches

Forget the simple calculator watches of the 1980’s. Modern computerized watches that allow for various forms of communications across the Internet currently exist. Such devices only seemed possible on shows like Knight Rider and other science fiction fantasy movies of old.

Streaming Video

Remember when black and white television held the family captive each evening? Then came the color television revolution. Today, anyone can practically stream any show they want anywhere they want. A specialist from North State says mobile media players have freed people from the confines of their living rooms and enabled almost anyone, anywhere, to watch television whenever they want.

Online Shopping

The future captivates people because it reinforces their notions about convenience. What greater convenience exists other than online shopping? Online shopping requires less time and travel expense than in-person shopping does. Nowadays, almost any product a person wants or needs can get shipped right to their door.

Anyone born back before there was a computer in every home becomes witness to the fact that the future has unfolded before our eyes. The way people live today makes the pre-digital age seem like the Dark Ages by comparison. Never before has humanity been so connected with useful technology. It makes one wonder what advances tomorrow will bring!