The Beginner’s Guide to Shopify: Easily Create a Website

No doubt about the availability of options for creating an online e-commerce website but Shopify which is all-in-one e-commerce solution which is used by many users to run their online stores. Shopify makes it really easy to run a web-based retail store which allow users to design an impressive as well as beautiful online store. Users need to put in a lot of hard work for running an online store but personal choice have a big effect on the business including choosing the location of a physical store or a building. Unfortunately, it can even break your business as well or can even expand your business opportunities or can simply kneecap the business. Here we are with a brief tutorial on how to easily create a website using Shopify.

What basically you need to easily create a website?

There are basically three things which you need to consider for building a website i.e. a domain name, web hosting and CMS (content management system).

A domain name is a unique address of your website which people will type in for accessing. For instance,

Web hosting is particularly a web space where the users upload their content and whenever a person type in your domain name, your web host starts serving them your web pages.

The CMS helps in adding web pages to your website and even allow users to make changes to their pages without typing in any codes.

A Guide to Create a Website Using Shopify

Users need not to download or install any software but need to take care of SSL/HTTPS Security as well as PCI Compliance. Shopify is one of the best solutions for people who are looking out to build an online store. Using WordPress for setting an e-commerce store is quite challenging but with Shopify it is quite easy.

Users need to head forward to official Shopify website and follow the instructions which will create their account. Once the signup is successfully done, you will get to see:-

Shopify Screenshot

The very first thing a user need to head forward is with creating a theme for their online store. Shopify is not loaded with any pre-made themes as that in WordPress and users need to select the style as well as the layout and colours accordingly. Once you are done, preview your theme and head forward with next step i.e. membership plan.

Shopify Screenshot 1

Shopify offers the users with four different membership plans which ranges from 14$ to 179$ per month with a wide variety of benefits. Choosing a suitable membership plan simply depends on the goods volume which you are selling as well as what are your plans in receiving traffic on your online store and whether you need few advanced features like gift card functionality as well as real-time carrier shipping in future or not.

Shopify Screenshot 2

Once you have chosen your membership plan and seen the preview of the theme, now it’s time to begin the task of adding products to your website followed by preparations to go live. Remember you need to set up information including shipping handling as well as payment processor with Shopify. Everything is quite easy and straightforward to keep your site running.

This is all about the beginner’s guide to Shopify to easily create a website, particularly e-commerce store. Don’t you think it is quite simple? Create account>>Theme customization>>choose membership plan>>adding products.

What you want to say about Shopify? Is it worth to build a website with Shopify or not? Yes or no, mention your reasons in the comment section below.