Using Technology To Provide A Personalized Experience To Attendees At Your Conference

In an ideal scenario, an event organizer could personally invite attendees to a specific location and talk with them before the event about who they are, what they would like to see at the event, and what they’re hoping to experience.

However, the approach is not feasible for events that have hundred or more attendees. In this case, event marketers can use technological tools and mobile apps to create a personalized experience that provides a good return on event investments. It also helps from solid customer relationships and boosts attendee satisfaction.

Technology At Your Conference

To get started, here are the tools you can leverage:

Live streaming software

There’s no better way to create a buzz at the event than showcase the content on a live stream. This is a great way to capture audience attention and allow influencers to be a part of the action without being physically present.

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And there’s no worry if you miss out on ticket sales from participants, as most of these services include pay-as you features. Also, if your content is interesting for attendees or just attracts outsiders you will have the opportunity to engage with prospects who may not previously have thought about getting in touch with you.

Contact exchange tool

Having a hard time keeping track of business cards at tradeshows and conferences? Poken allows you to exchange contact details with attendees and other content offline with a single ‘paw’ badge touch. It is also a great way to eliminate paper waste, generate quality leads and boost networking.

The Poken mobile app and NFC products enables attendees to collect content during the real event through the use of smart tags, and they can exchange their contact details digitally with a touch. Event organizers can leverage their social network profiles to create a digital business card, and swap it with others by simply touching pokens.

Event personalization app

DoubleDutch is a branded mobile conference application for attendees that delivers real-time analytics for improving event performance. The app enables you to see the number of attendees engaged throughout the day, as well as launch Live Polls and Push Messages to spike engagement to preferred levels.

As there’s no better way to personalize event experience and get to know the interests of attendees than by searching popular terms and hashtags, you can use insights from Status Updates or Trending Topics at your next event to ensure you are always offering the content that is geared towards the interests of your target audience. Real-time analytics will give event organizers the confidence that their event strategy is going well.


This is a one-stop offering for all the needs that come before the event. It doesn’t require the user to possess technical kills, and makes it extremely easy to create a personalized agenda, design an event websites, endorse pre-event networking and manage registration.

The concept put forward by Evolero is do-it-yourself. It generates an online brand for repeated brands, while catering to all attendee personalization needs. Events are brands, and they need to be available and visible all the time. They also need to be updated and relevant when visited, as well as be attractive and well designed.