Editorial: TechGreet on OPPO Find 7

OPPO Find 7

So this week OPPO wowed the world with its next flagship smartphone and they made sure it’d many Industry firsts to make the tech world say “OMG”. Powered by Qualcomm’s latest chipset, Find 7 sports a QHD display, yep technically that’s 2K for the masses on a 5.5” glass. Find 7 is technically the follow-up to its previous best seller, Find 5 and punches the top-end Smartphone category with top of the line specifications. It’s rare to opine on a rather unseen product but read on past the break, as our nerves breakdown in writing.


Sanjay: One of the best things about OPPO Find 7 is its 5.5” Quad HD screen that makes it my favorite and yes we need a larger display with extraordinary quality so here it is. The wonderful design and faster charging speed of this Smartphone are its selling points and I am sure that consumers in India will prefer it over other phones as it seems innovative and a perfect phone to buy.

The phone comes with 13MP rear camera fitted with latest CMOS sensor by Japanese manufacturer Sony and the capability of taking 50MP photos with the help of “Super Zoom” is really an interesting feature that gets my attention. The Super Zoom features takes 10 shots and combine them into one to make it a 50 MP perfect picture. So i think the camera and its features are awesome.

Himanshu: I have little doubt about its specifications like LTE and HSPA, especially in India, where getting a 3G data connection itself is a task. But there is no doubt about some of its remarkable hardware configurations like powerful battery and processor. RAM could have been more as we have heard that note 4 will have 4GB RAM. The thing which stands out is its pixel density and of course camera quality. I am sure it will shake up many manufactures by its specifications and price. Good Going Oppo!

Karthek: No doubt Technology is upgrading every passing second but I really doubt if we need this device right now. Find 7 is the second phone to sport a QHD display (if you don’t know, Vivo XPLAY 3S holds the honor) with a pixel density of ~534PPI; it should make you go crazy. With Android SDK supporting 4K Displays, sooner than later we’ll see a 4K Smartphone. Do we need it? Honestly the 5” 720P display on my current Smartphone does a lot of justice. It offers great viewing angles and turns portable media device very often.

While it’s technically superlative in my interest, there are other features that make me say “Whoa, this is my next”. This device is a craftsman’s marvel. The titanium-aluminum alloy build would make it feel reassuring and best part it’ll remain cool to touch, something I haven’t seen with iPhone or Xperia’s for hatred. Rapid Charging tech and Maxx Audio should work on a daily basis. Another not so appealing fact is the Color OS. Maybe a Vanilla Android or CyanogenMod would have felt endearing. Now will its 3000mAh battery last through a day? I presume the answer is a clear No for such a highly stuffed smartphone. Wrapping up, would say it’s an exciting product and maybe I’d consider buying one.