Editorial: TechGreet on HTC One (M8)


It’s raining flagship time for mobile Industry. While Sony and Samsung announced their next best flagships at MWC last month, the Apple of Android, yeah HTC showed off its worst kept secret last evening. Yes, as expected it did tick right in many corners like awesome design, excellent build quality, gorgeous display, a humane software et cetera. So the Magical Six of TechGreet melt down talking about HTC’s next Flagship? Read On with a cup of Boba Tea.

HTC CEO Peter Chou shows the new HTC one (M8) phone during a launch event in New York

Karthek: What Peter Chou holds in his hands is nothing less than a pinnacle of smartphone and its called HTC One (M8)… This reminds me of Alpha Romeo 8C, Aston Martin DB9, and Dodge Neon SRT-4 to name a few. It’s bizarre. Common HTC you could have come up with better name (HTC One Two would’ve been quirky). The original HTC One was iPhone of Android domain which reflected excellence from all viewing angles. Undoubtedly, HTC has tried to make it even better than previous generation One. It’s taller at 5 inches and less dense in terms of pixels, boy, it still sports a great display. Now it’s almost entirely metal and glass with no hard/sharp edges. The darker brushed metal feel with subtle curves will make you adore it every day. That’s super engineering. Applause for that!!!

With BoomSound Speakers that are 25% louder than outgoing One thanks to the finely tuned, multi-band amplifier, looks to be perfect iPod replacement. There are minor upgrades with BlinkFeed or HTC’s Flipboard. It now supports information from Foursquare and Fitbit. Yay, HTC One(M8) can now act as a Fitbit Activity Tracker. Kudos

There is new Sense aka “Sixth Sense”. Didn’t we mention humane software sometime back? Call it Sense Six or Sixth Sense, it does some trick. It’s intuitive and bold and now offers personalization with different color and graphics theme. That makes SENSE. Talking about the camera, it’s finicky like last year’s One and it’s now fused with a second camera lens on the back which captures true depth. I find it gimmicky but can turn meaningful. HTC has done great workaround with Camera Interface which is slick with several camera modes and Samsung like gimmicky all the way.  For Selfie lovers, HTC now covers you with a wide-angle front camera. That’s a common sight. Powering the device is a 2600mAh non-removable battery that HTC claims lasts 40% longer than M7 and early reviews say the device does last for a day with heavy usage and this is where HTC oozes excellence. Overall, HTC has made a great flagship and now it all waters down to price.


Sanjay: HTC One (M8), the latest flagship device from HTC this year has been launched yesterday with innovative design and features as expected. It’s brushed metal design with a curved shape is pretty and the camera capable of removing blurry results and bigger panoramas drives me crazy. As HTC believes that more pixels can’t capture better photos but larger pixels do, yeah etho ultrapixels camera – which takes breaking pics on the move of the moments in our life. With HTC boom and BlinkFeed the new HTC One codenamed M8 proves it the best phone in 2014 and will give tough competition to Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2.

I believe if HTC can lower its price from now as it $999.99 it will be selling like hot cakes. As you know in India and China, users will not go for this phone because of its price, I know it is not overpriced but users in emerging countries don’t think like that however yes it is too soon to say anything. The India launch of this phone will be in April so we will wait for it and I am sure that this time HTC will spend its money in marketing of this phone also to grab the attention of users worldwide. So if you are looking for a quality phone with amazing design and features, i will advise you to go for this phone and don’t ignore it because of its price that won’t be counted as a wise decision.

One M8 - Silver

Rekha: The next generation Android phone HTC One (M8) is not only different but also better than any other Android phones seen so far. What I like about the phone is compatibility with 2G, 3G and 4G Networks and 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor. The internal memory is 16GB or 32GB, has a Super LCD3 display on 5 inch screen with full HD resolution of 1080p and DDR2 RAM of 2GB. The storage is expandable up to 128GB using micro SDXC support. It has a 5MP front camera with wide angle lens and a dual lens duo camera at the back, Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, Android 4.4 KitKat with Sense 6 and a battery 2,600 mAh. The BoomSound of the phone has been revamped with improved tuning, louder sound and better speakers. I appreciate its look that has been flattened and modernized with new colors and  Aluminum case has been redesigned with only 10% plastics used for the inserts on the top and back of the phone while the face is mostly of glass. With a raised perimeter around the glass and metal inserts, the new design is as sleek and stunning as its predecessor is.

You get 25% louder and more clear sound with the HTC Boom Sound system that has used hollow chambers under the face of the phone to amplify the sound from the 20% enlarged and improved speakers. Supported by the Ultrapixel technology and a dual LED flash, the Duo camera with a wide angle lens in the 5MP front camera, you will get much DSLR quality photos that will add to your unique experience of using this phone. The smaller lens at the back measures depth that enhances the photo effects greatly. Unfortunately, the pictures produced in different low lighting conditions may not be to your liking. The awesome Sense 6 power saving mode helps to increase the battery life dramatically by giving access to voice calls, messaging and E mail while the background data is disabled. A fully charged phone can last up to two weeks and a residual charge of 5% can make the phone work for 15 hours. However, the downside would be irremovable battery. If it wears out, I will be in trouble to replace it.

One M8

Rahul: The HTC One M8 is undoubtedly the best Android offering till date by HTC. I won’t even spare a second to declare HTC One M8, as one of the best and most powerful Android Smartphone around. HTC is known for maintaining a tough and high quality in its offerings. The same has been deployed in the HTC One M8 also. The combination of brilliant display with 441 ppi density, lightening fast Processor and the innovative 4 UltraPixel Dual Camera technology is all set to bind an innovative smartphone. The added HTC Sense 6.0 and a new version of BlinkFeed would redefine your smartphone experience.

This smartphone is gonna set new challenges for recently launched Samsung Galaxy S5 and upcoming Apple iPhone 6. The HTC One M8 is capable of winning the battle with long margins. Being an innovative smartphone, it is confirmed that it will carry a heavy price tag to. It has gone on sale in few countries with a price tag of $999.99, which is around Rs. 60,400. For this price tag, some people may call the HTC One M8 as an overpriced smartphone, but it is well known that luxury and quality doesn’t come in small packages and price tags too.

Peter Chou holding HTC One(M8) - Closeup

Himanshu: There is absolutely no doubt that the HTC has launched its new flagship phone, “HTC One M8” to compete with the race against Samsung. With 5 inch display size, HTC One M8 is competing face to face with Samsung galaxy s5 which was launched recently. On design point of view HTC has raised the bar because of fierce competition in this segment. Its impeccable features, specification and design put it in the straight fight with Nexus 5 and LG G2. The weight of the phone could have been a little lighter (it’s 160gm) but overall it’s a fabulous phone with marvelous features and design.

HTC has put effort in designing the HTC One M8 with almost 92% metal design and it looks luxurious. In terms of speed and battery it stands out thanks to 2.3 GHz quad core CPU. The best thing about M8 is its ability to charge the battery at rapid pace. If you are thinking about other phones in the same segment then within same price range then, iPhone 5S and galaxy s5 are the only devices which can take a look. So, overall M8 from HTC has ignited the battle among the Samsung, HTC and iPhone.


Akhil: HTC One M8 is finally official. Perhaps, there are very few details to go official about the Smartphone, as we started receiving as much as 90% of the Smartphone’s details as leaks months before the official launch. The HTC One M8 continues the legacy of being almost near to being the best Android Smartphone. The HTC One M8 is similarly built of Aluminium, like the HTC One M7, but this time, the HTC One M8 comprises of about 90% of aluminium. Hardware specifications are top notch as well, featuring a Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.3 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, 4 MP primary camera, 5 MP secondary cameras, 5 inch Full-HD display etc. HTC also brings back the goodies that came with the HTC One M7, which made the Smartphone appeal well, such as the HTC BoomSound, HTC Zoe, HTC Blinkfeed etc.

The biggest and nearly the only disappoint of the Smartphone is the 4 MP primary camera, whose resolution sets even below its front facing 5 MP camera. However, at least on paper, HTC tries to compensate with the HTC DuoCamera technology, which basically allows you to refocus an image after taking the picture. Even though this feature does not help increase the quality of the picture’s taken, it’s sometimes interesting. Even if you forgave HTC for once again, not increasing the camera resolution, hold on for a moment more. Because, HTC also took away the Optical Image Stabilization [OIS] off their primary camera, because it was not compatible with their HTC DuoCamera feature. Finally, the HTC One M8 has gone open for sale from the launch day itself, and even the Google Play edition reaching out from the launch day. Once again, the HTC One M8 is a perfect Android Smartphone intentionally crippled by HTC itself. Now that the HTC One M8 is finally out there in the market, and as its biggest rival, the Samsung Galaxy S5 reaches out into the markets within a few weeks, what’s remaining is to see how these two Android Smartphones perform in the outside world.