How to Take a Screenshot on an Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air, the sixth generation of the MacBook Air offering substantial improvements over its predecessor. This laptop features fantastic battery life along with Haswell processors, improved graphics and Wi-Fi ac. This new MacBook release is a significant as well as definite step as compared to last year’s release with incredible processors using less power which really show their worth in excellent battery life. Capturing screen on your PC or Mac seems to be occasional but what if sometimes an error message pop up and you are not able to troubleshoot the issue, this is the time when taking a screenshot will help you in explaining the main issue to the technical support representatives. Taking screen shots are really useful at times when you don’t want to print the page rather you can to take a screenshot and save it. But do you know how to take a screenshot on an Apple MacBook Air? The whole process is really simple and same on all the versions of Mac OS.

  • Command+Shift+3

This command helps in capturing the entire screen and saves the file automatically to the desktop.

  • Command+Shift+4

This command replaces the mouse cursor temporarily with a tool which helps in selecting any rectangular portion from the entire screen. To make the selection, you need to click and drag the tool. Just after the selection, the mouse cursor will immediately return to its position.

  • Control

If this command is added to any one of the above sequences then the image temporarily saves to clipboard. It works as an image editing software.

If you opt for not using Control key, then the captured screen is directly saved to the desktop by default and through this process you never get a notification for verifying the captured screenshot success rather it plays a sound of chime for clicking a picture and the image is saved directly to desktop.

MacBook Air by Apple

Apple dispensed the Print Screen Key from the keyboard and now users miss it after its gone. Apple opted for key combination rather than print screen key in order to capture screenshots. While trying to capture screenshots, new Mac users are likely to get confused but Apple offers easy to remember keyboard shortcuts which help users to capture screenshots. Firstly, we will take a look at the keyboard shortcuts which are multiple keys which must be pressed together in order to take screenshots. While doing this, you need to press the first key along with the second and forth following a release of all in a sequence. We have discussed about three keystrokes which you must use in order to take a screenshot on an Apple MacBook Air.

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