Sony Xperia Z3: Launch Date, Specifications and More

It’s has not yet been to explore the Sony Xperia Z2 and now the tech rumours have strangled the market glares expecting curiously the launch of Xperia Z3. The Xperia fever is quite getting irresistible after the shelves have made a new space for Z3 with a rumoured announcement of its development that may soon be occupying it during the month of coming. This tight and haphazard gap between the development cycles may be bewildering, but Sony reveals the notion behind it that 12 months development cycle may seem quite long to catch up the pace of technical innovations. However, Sony’s six months of development cycle may again have some other dark impacts on the users just to get frustrated to find a new model when they would have not even be familiar enough with their existing model.

Sony Xperia Z3

The mobile phone production has to set for a stipulated time because most of the times more than one models are set to be launched at one go, and then there is a long gap to make the users longing enough to wait for some new and additional experiences. It is like letting the market to develop the trend instead of running along with the market trend. Sony’s six months development cycle means that they should be too predictive to add new innovation that may not even be felt desiring by its users, because they wouldn’t still have had enough with their existing phones.

Sony must have the concealed answer to this, because they know they’re certainly doing it.

This time it’s not just the rumours but they have strong backing with relevant images that will certainly be helpful to perform a more valid analysis of the tech rumours. The Xperia blog has a good revealing footage that they have dragged from a Chinese social network. The image clearly shows a full developed gadget rather than just the parts. The best comparison is done because it is shown beside Z3 compact. The bezel frames have been improved to an extent to closely narrowing it with the body giving it a more elegant look. The metal frame seems to have a PVD coating that makes it corrosion resistant. In addition to that the PVD coating also has some other features like scratch resistance. Above all, the best part of this technology is that it has well created a bridge between the environment that is quite a praiseworthy initiative of Sony giving the confirmation of its environment Friendly Technology. The slogan “thinner the better” is too well implement in its advancement with 7mm thickness in comparison to 8.2mm thin Z2.

The Specs:

With some expert’s revelation about the smart gadget’s specs, it is to be sure that Z3 will have to have some upgraded features proving it superiority to its Z2 version. With the powerful snapdragon 805 CPU, the phone is sure to give more speedy performance at a cocked speed of 2.7GHZ. The game lover will just have to never worry about the RAM that is to be 3GB in Z3 version. The 20.7MP camera will all be set to give quality snapshot experience to the users.

To be more affirmative the Z3 compact is rumoured to have some of the features like Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor / Adreno 330 CPU, 4.5 inch display, 20.7 mp rear and 2.1 mp front facing camera.

Xperia Z3

With all the supporting information that Samsung, HTC and LG are all set to work on the advancement to launch new gadgets for their 2014 flagship, the rumour definitely makes sense. The worries are now to be poured on the existing users of Sony Xperia Z2, who would already be having the outdated feeling catching up with the heat of all the z3 rumours. However, the positive attitude rules as the launch date still has blurry rumours which may again be long enough for the existing users to make out their good time with Z2.

The release Date:

Looking at Sony’s earlier claims of maintaining their development cycle of 6 months, which they proved with their launch of Z2 after Z1, the gadget may have its release in the month of September. That is the time of IFA, in the countries like Berlin and Germany. Samsung too has its rumoured launch of Galaxy Note 4 during the same time. So, based on what the rumours state, and the facts and facets to support the event, it is to be sure that the release may happen in the month of September.

The most interesting tech predictions for Sony Smart phones will be regarding its Z3 compact series. Previously the Z1 had taken a good time for its release after Z1 was launched. The fact lies that after the release of Z2 , Sony has still not released or talked about Z2 compact and now there are rumours shoeing Z3 compact with Z3. So the guessing part is that will Sony just skip Z2 to match it with Z3? Well, the tech savvy’s have their fingers crossed regarding their wild guesses about both Sony Xperia Z3 and Sony Xperia Z3 compact.

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