Smart Serve: Sony introduces Intelligent Smart Tennis Sensor for $175

Technology has come a long way making our lives easier and in result better. However, on the way, it has missed out on several things which remain as they were before. Yes, at the outset it may seem that nothing is untouched by technological evolution, one area which we feel hasn’t changed much is sports. You can argue that we have better camera and sensors to check if the goal is correct or not, wicket is actually taken or not, but what else? There have been no changes in the way players used to play their game. They still have to depend upon their coaches and friends to help them on their strengths and weakness.

Not anymore.

Japanese giant, Sony has stepped in to change this scenario with the unveiling of Smart Tennis Sensor. Company has first demoed the sensors at CES 2014 alongside its smart wearable Core. However, at that time it has remained mum about its exact working and pricing. Now the Smart Tennis Sensor has been announced in Japanese market and will go on sale in May this year.

Smart Tennis Sensor by Sony

Key features of Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

  • Weighs eight grams
  • Height of 17.6mm and diameter of 31.3mm
  • Able to measure the speed of players swing, and the speed of the ball.
  • It can also tell where the ball makes contact with the racket and most importantly the details of the stroke
  • Records video footage
  • Video footage can be checked through companion Android and iOS app

Smart Tennis Sensor

Pricing and availability information

The Sony Smart Tennis Sensor has been announced for the Japanese market at 18,000 yen, or 175 US dollars. But there’s no word about its global availability.

Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

The sensor will be needing compatibility with the racket and keeping that in mind, Sony has offered support for six Yonex EZone and VCore tennis rackets.