Smartphones we all want to forget

It is definitely not easy to choose a smartphone as there are so many options available in the market. The dilemma of a smartphone user is that he or she will spend hundreds of dollars on only one phone. The person is usually stuck with one smartphone for at least two years. During those two years technology advances and you look through another set of smartphones. Due to this reason many of us cannot use the phone that we were once interested in. We do think about the phones that we didn’t get the chance to try. It is better to forget such phones instead of feeling bad. These are some of the phones that we all want to forget in case we didn’t get a chance to use them:

iPhone 7

Apple’s iPhone:

The first iPhone was extremely costly for most of the people in 2007. It was about $500 and although people were contented with the other phones in the market but they all wished they could own an iPhone back then. People who didn’t own iPhones were actually quite fascinated with them. This is the first phone that people want to forget in case they didn’t get a chance to buy it.

T-Mobile Sidekick:

T- Mobile Sidekick was launched in 2008 and it got really popular especially in school going students. At that time the children used to show off the unique design of the screen which was easily moved to disclose a physical keyboard. At that time, people used to make this phone really funky looking as it had the option of changing shells.

Panasonic Eluga:

Panasonic never really got going in the mobile phone industry. Eluga sets had decent specs but they didn’t get together. It was a phone that looked good on paper but terrible to use. This phone came as a “recommendation” for phones we’d like to forget by our reader, Simon Dyer from Swift Contact Phones.

Motorola Photon:

Motorola Photon was released in 2011 along with HTC EVO. Many people opted for HTC EVO as it had a 3D display. People thought that 3D display was going to get very famous in smartphones but of course they were wrong. That is why people regretted not buying Motorola Photon as it was much faster and stable than HTC EVO.

BlackBerry Bold:

Blackberry Bold 9930 was available in the market in 2011. Blackberry was not too famous at that time, especially after the release of Android and iOS. This phone was perfect for the Blackberry’s loyal customers as it had a touchscreen instead of a trackpad. It did not get much popular as its starting price was $200 on contract. This phone was released right after the iPhone was launched due to which it didn’t become widespread.

Samsung Galaxy Note Series:

Many people still regret not buying the Galaxy Note as they are used to carrying small phones. Galaxy Note is a phablet and all people are not fond of big smartphones. That being said, Galaxy Note series is quite impressive due to its huge battery life and stylus.