Slam Dunk Basketball 2 Review: Dunk Your Way to Victory

A simple search on the respective app download stores on Android (Play Store) and iOS (App store) will yield countless number of results. What’s more, these games on offer are a diverse range of genres, from simple games like Angry Birds, to puzzles and even strategy based multiplayer games. However compared to PC games, there aren’t much options when we consider sports-based games. There aren’t any good games for playing and enjoying sports like cricket and football from your mobile device. But now a new game called Slam Dunk Basketball 2, successor to incredibly popular Slam Dunk Basketball intends to change that. Here’s our review of the game played on an Android device-


Actually we’ve to backtrack a little bit, as we didn’t spoke full truth when telling that the game lies in the sports genre. Instead of a full-fledged basketball game, it’s a one-on-one competition between who scores the maximum balls in the basket.

In simple words, you’ll be playing against other players online and winning would be based on the most number of accurate throws in the basket. The gameplay is time-limited which means along with the accuracy, you also need to be quick to ensure that more number of balls are utilised. Each game would cost you coins, so if you win the game, then the coins are doubled, else you lose them. So, the end aim of the game is to collect as many as coins as possible. Players can also participate in tournaments to win even more coins.

Playing the game is fairly easy and doesn’t require much learning cover, but requires practice for accuracy and quickness. To ensure that the ball goes to basket only, the game offers a trajectory line which can be changed to change the path of the ball.

If you’re trying to find other ways of getting coins, then there are certainly some. One of them is a daily spin which allows you to get some free coins every day by using a slot machine. Another obvious one is to buy some coins through an in-app purchase.

Visuals and Sound

The visuals of the game are appealing, and yet to manage to remain simple. There are no confusing menu items and same goes true for minimal gameplay scene. The game takes place across interesting yet subdued background allowing you to focus on the ball and the target.

The background sounds also manage to keep you focused the game.


All in all, the Slam Dunk Basketball 2 is an addictive and simple game in a relatively less vibrant sports genre. Thanks to the simple controls, it will please kids as well as the adults. The competition will make sure that the players try to give each game their best shot.

However the game has its own quirks. One of them is that it isn’t a complete game, so players can be bored easily. Another one is that the gameplay doesn’t get more challenging, you simply have to improve your accuracy and be faster to score more. And the biggest problem? That’s need to be connected always to the internet as it’s a multiplayer game, which makes it difficult to play in countries like ours where internet penetration isn’t good.

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