How to Find Used Cars

The cars are now a symbol of growth in the cities and everyone wants to owe one. However, the increasing price sometimes could affect the thoughts of buyers, though there still are 500 million cars all around the world and the number is still increasing. Now, in a country like India, where the development is still under process, the demand of cars is high, but the price is not yet very affordable to fit into the pocket. So, to complete their car dreams, people prefer to buy used cars, and here below is a brief guide on where and how to find used cars.

Used Cars for Sale

Places to Find Used Cars

As we all are aware that online virtual world is spreading its wings very swiftly and the population prefer to buy or book a deal online and not roaming here and there for their queries. Now, car finding can also be done online and here are some places which can be used for this purpose.


OLX is one of the biggest buying and selling platform for all the things you can imagine off like household, electronics, real estate and so as the automobiles. You can also filter the car finding by price, place, conditions, model and much more on this website.

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CarDekho is India’s one of the fastest growing platforms in India for selection of new cars and the old ones too. Here you can easily find or book a meeting with the car owners who wish to sell their vehicle. You can also filter your search quires here too on the behalf of place, price and models.

There are many other websites too, which can be used to find the used cars like CARWALE, QUIKER, ZIGWHEELS and many more.

Used Cars

How to Check an Old Car

Now, before buying an old car, you must take care of a few things as well, and here are some of them:

Thorough Check for Rust and Other Damages

Whenever you go to buy a used car, make sure that you’re performing a thorough check on the car body inside and outside for the rust and other damages. The main places to find the rust are bonnet, doors, trunks and roof.

Make Sure Engine is Working Properly

An old car is worth only if the engine is working properly and must take the car to a certified service station or a mechanic of your knowing to get the full details about the engine. The main issues of the engine you should take care of are the leaking, performance quotient and the condition of engine parts.

Tires and Safety

The safety is the biggest concern with the old cars so make sure that every feature of safety like Airbags, ABS, ESP, seat belts and others including tires are working properly.

Working of Transmission Gearbox

Take a test drive of the car and if the car doesn’t give any hiccups during the changing of gear or don’t produce any messy voice while changing gears then it’s a good car to buy.

Apart from the above mentioned things, there are many more points like dashboard features, seats, overall drive performance, life of body parts and more. I guess now you can easily find a used car for you with all the details provided above.