The Science of Search: How Search Engines Work?

There are a vast number of ways that the library system has changed throughout the decades. There was a time when all of the classifications were on paper cards that you had to sort through by hand. Now, most library systems are digital, helping librarians and patrons find what they are looking for with a click of a mouse. As you consider getting a degree in library science, think about the various ways that libraries have progressed in the digital age. Not only can we use physical books to gain knowledge and perform research, but we now have a multitude of different search engines to scour the internet for e-books, peer-reviewed articles, magazines, and scholarly journals. With so much information at our fingertips, it can be a little overwhelming and confusing trying to find correct and relevant information. This is where a librarian comes into the picture. Librarians are very familiar with the various ways to properly and efficiently search for information. They can help library patrons find what they need without wasting time with the searching process.

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Search engines and other digital resources are helping the library system expand drastically, making the process easier for library patrons and students, as well as the librarians who are helping you with your search. The info-graphic below discusses the new ways that search engines are revolutionizing the library science industry. One of the most important factors it explains is how effective Google has been in finding information online. Not only does it show you how fast Google has exploded on the internet scene, but it also describes how it has affected libraries and librarians. It also demonstrates graphically how a search engine works, from how bots search for information all the way through to when it is presented to you on your computer screen. Check out the info-graphic for more information:

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How Search Engines Work