Samsung Galaxy S6 v/s Apple iPhone 6: Rumour Battle

Hey friends! Samsung and Apple both are the topmost players of the Smartphone market which are arch rivals and people do really think that this rivalry will go on till eternity. Every year, these two brands release their superbly amazing flagship devices and the battle resumes, a battle of earning more accolades. This year the stage has been already set up with both these players daring each other with Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6. We are here with the insight about Samsung Galaxy S6 v/s Apple iPhone6: Rumour Battle which will help you all in gauging the best among these two and which one you think will rule the hearts of people this year?

Samsung Galaxy S6


Since the launch of phablets, consumers are quite impressed with its style. The sales figure of handsets under Samsung’s Galaxy series gives evitable outcomes. These sales figures gave Samsung ardour to add on more advanced features to its devices. Some rumours point that Galaxy S6 will feature 5.7 inches display while other says 5.9 inches but the rumours are not yet confirmed.

On the other hand, it is being rumoured that in order to compete with Samsung’s upcoming phablet style phone Apple iPhone 6 will feature 5.5 inches QHD display. iPhones are really expensive and it is expected that iPhone 6 will be made from Sapphire glass which will going to be really expensive. Furthermore, it is also being rumoured that iPhone 6 will have a special coating on its outer surface which will enhance the look.

Thus, comparing the displays of both Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6 it is clearly observed that both of these are trying really hard to incorporate wide variety of inventive features in their flagship devices.


It is being rumoured that Samsung Galaxy S6 will be powered by Hexacore processor which significantly assures the best performance including the capability of great multitasking. This advanced processor need RAM of at least 4GB and it is expected that Galaxy S6 will be equipped with the same.

Apple iPhone6

On the other hand, Apple iPhone 6 is rumoured to amble on quad-core A8 or A7 advanced version which assures greater efficiency of the particular handset. But, the main problem is that all iPhones till date have RAM of 1GB only and consumers now want to see some advancement in the same.


Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be equipped with 20 megapixels rear camera along with image stabilizing capability. Furthermore, it is expected that this device will feature a technology where in good quality images will be clicked even in dim lit areas as well.

On contrary, Apple iPhone 6 is expected to feature 8 megapixels or 13 megapixels rear camera and further will be integrated with a technology of enhanced image processing which will ensure good quality images.

This Samsung Galaxy S6 v/s Apple iPhone6: Rumour Battle clearly revealed that this rumour battle between the two is a pure cut throat dual and since it has been not officially announced so there might be more surprises lined for us. Are you guys excited to see this rivalry between these two?