Samsung Galaxy Note 4- A Bring it ON Call for Android Enthusiasts but Why?

Finally, Samsung raised the curtains from its much awaited smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 4. We all know that Samsung is the world’s biggest and largest phone maker. Two versions of Note 4 have be unveiled in an event just after the formers design slips which was initiated for the customers in the large-screen phone market.

The newly unveiled Galaxy Note 4 features full-HD 5.7 inches display reflecting the latest design approach by Samsung. This strategy is being applied in order to keep their pace with Apple Inc. It is rumoured that next week, Apple will launch their first large-screen phones including the much awaited, iPhone 6.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is offering users the best accessories which are especially designed to attract the gamers and is equipped with an improved pen stylus. Furthermore, it is also equipped with a software which is basically a handwriting alternative used in for typing on a keyboard. This software sports multi-tasking features easily which primarily take advantages of the large-screen displays.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

This smartphone, to be refined a phablet by Samsung is just a recovery of the previous laugh at ideas holding hulk screen smartphones. Since 2011, Samsung only introduced smartphones featuring 5 inches or larger screen smartphones because with the advancements in technology, the usage also shifted irresistibly from messaging and calling to reading and writing, playing games and watching movies.

First Impressions

Despite the similar looks of Note 4 as that of its predecessor, the closer look at the phablet introduces us with a better-designed device. Samsung kept the same screen size but while making the body of the device, it tried hard to shave off the risk of holding it with one hand. Note 4 features metal frame which looks quite impressive and gives an excellent matte texture to the device giving it a premium look. It features faux leather back panel but the material feels as well as looks slight plastic-type.

The positioning of rear-camera and LED flash is similar to that in Note 3, but Note 4 has added a feature of heart rate sensor which is located just below the rear camera on back panel. The stylus holder is just at the right bottom edge of the device. Note 4 have got a screen that is slightly raised up from its curvature, but has got a glossy look. Its display is a valuable addition and seems to be tougher than the offerings by other smartphones.

Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in India

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, we can just say that it was worth waiting. This is the most amazing phablet by Samsung which is having better features than Note 3 and other smartphones in this range. This elephantine monster device features 16 megapixels camera with Iris scanner, metallic body, 5.7 inches quad-HD display and fingerprint scanner.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specs

Improved Display

Samsung always try to improve its specifications with its new devices. The new Note 4 features 5.7 inches HD display with 515ppi pixel density.

Wireless Charging

Being a smartphone user, you may have sometimes yearned for a device enabled with wireless charging. Well, this Samsung flagship device is manufactured with such a demand. Though, it is not a new smartphone enabled with wireless chargingbut there are some limitations while charging. Users need to use the charging pads and the distance must be short. Samsung used magnetic resonance technology in Note 4 which allows the user to charge the device even from the long range as well. Furthermore, users need not actually need a charging pad to charge the device.


You might have thrilled with Galaxy Note 3’s camera or probably you own a digital camera so you might think that you don’t need another camera. But, believe it or not Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s camera is superbly fantastic. It features 16 megapixels camera which is 8 times brighter than Note 3’s camera. This smartphone features anti-shake feature which allow users to click pictures even in dark spaces. This device is manufactured in such a way that can quickly fix errors up to 1.50.

Operating System

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 features latest Android KitKat and improved a lot from the one we have seen in Galaxy Note 3. It is an absolute upgrade to the Samsung device because of which the performance of the device will be much better. Furthermore, the device offers personalized themes as well as better-looking icons to attract the users.

Better Memory

You have sometimes wished to have a device featuring better memory. Samsung promised to give this feature with Note 4 and finally when it is released, it was specified that it has 32GB internal memory on-board which can be increased up to 64GB via microSD card. It is equipped with RAM of 3GB.

Price and Launch Date of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in India

It is expected that Samsung’s new flagship device, Note 4 will be launch in mid-November 2014 in India with a price tag of around 48,000 INR. Soon, after the launch it will be made available online on e-commerce websites like and

Turning our heads over with comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with other smartphones launched or soon to be launched in the market. We will just take a brief look at some specific features in each.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 v/s Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a smartphone designed for real Android enthusiasts. It is a perfect combo of technology with performance. Previously, we thought that last year version was excellent but after getting all about Note 4, we think that it was not quite perfect as this new flagship. Samsung finally have perfected the design of Note 4.

The most common criticism about Samsung devices is that they don’t seem expensive as when compared to their price tags. The Samsung phones still features leather-effect plastic backsbut they use real metals. Note 3 features old-style metal outlines which doesn’t give it a great look but on the other hand, Note 4 is made from cold, hard metal.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Design

Last year, when Note 3 arrived it didn’t much attracted users because it wasn’t an upgrade to Note 2. However, Note 4 launched which features improved design, improved camera and much better features than Note 3 which are worth taking a look at. This is one of the most exciting larger screen phones which seem to be really attractive with S-Pen wielding.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 v/s Apple iPhone 6

It is being rumoured that Samsung should fear from Apple. But according to our views, with the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Apple will now fear from Samsung as they are trying to complete with the latter in terms of larger display screens. Note 4 is the biggest offering by Samsung this year.

Galaxy Note 4 features a multi-tasking feature and this time Samsung’s larger display smartphones is a perfect large screen device for TouchWiz’s assortment with its multitasking features. The multi-window view allows users to work on multiple windows at a single point of time which is really useful with high-resolution display.

The new S-Pen Stylus is not expected in iPhone 6but it is a really useful tool in Note 4. It is perfect to pen-down notes quickly and even allow users to share the contents with people. It is one of the main advantages to choose Note 4 over iPhone 6.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 v/s LG G3

Samsung launched Note 4 few months after LG G3 as it tried to give much specified time not just to the latter for establishing itself in the market but to itself as well in order to add better comparable features as well as specs. Note 4 features larger display (5.7 inches) than LG G3 but lower pixel density (515ppi). Both the displays are quite good with a slight difference in pixel density. It is really a difficult call to answer, AMOLED versus LCD naturalness.

In terms of processor, Note 4 carries the latest offering Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 which is enough to win over LG G3. In terms of battery, LG G3 isn’t impressive but Note 4 features 3220mAh battery along with saving-mode feature. Note 4 is equipped with 16 megapixels rear camera while LG G3 with 13 megapixels. In terms of battery and camera, there is not much call between the two.


The Samsung’s latest flagship device, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is simply one of the most impressive refinements over its predecessors as well as over other smartphones. It has got impressive display along with attractive user interface and delivers excellent performance.

Were you waiting for the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Why you want to buy this phablet? Share your views with us so that it can help us all in whether to but this device or not.