Major Speculations and Rumours about Apple iPhone 7. But what all you need to know?

Thinking of Apple, the first thing which strikes our mind is the iPhone featuring smooth as well as swift interface and lots of apps which are designed in order to makes the life of a user simple. Apple is sure enough about their strategies to revolve in the minds of people around whether through a launch of their new Apple product or by launching new version of iOS. People are still getting themselves habituated with Apple 5C and 5S, Apple has been around the web with their latest launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as well as is rumoured to launch iPhone 7, next year in January 2015.

Apple iPhone 6

With numerous rumours and speculations, many people drop their ideas on buying the current generation Apple product and rather start waiting for the new one. It is rumoured that the new Apple smartphone will be stronger, lighter as well as bigger and intelligent than its predecessors. Well, accordingly it seems that it will surely keep the sales on hold for the currently launched Apple smartphones. Though it is a little premature but you guys are really going to be surprised with the speculations about iPhone 7. Here we have rounded on with some evidences to bring you all with everything to know about Apple iPhone 7.

Features of Apple iPhone 7

Apple knows it better how to impress and surprise its users with top class friendly features. This time too, we can expect an additional drama with spices in the rumoured iPhone 7 which will certainly blow your mind and steal your heart away. It is being rumoured that the new device will be featuring some new features which will definitely going to surprise the users. We must head forward with few features which are rumoured to make the device amazing.


iPhone fans can expect display size to be bigger than recently launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which will allow them to watch videos on slightly bigger screen which will also enhance their viewing experience. There had been numerous complaints about the screen clarity of iPhone 5 but lately, Apple improved in iPhone 5C and 5S. The newly launched iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have got better screens than before as Apple always ensures to offer best for their users. It is rumoured that iPhone 7 will feature larger display with a superior clarity and will leave no marks for any complaints. Furthermore, it is also being rumoured that, this new device will not feature home button which simply means that this device will feature only user friendly touchscreen navigation which is even expected to impress the users.


Every smartphone manufacturing company is on war to launch smartphones featuring spectacular camera, Apple will now be now giving a tough competition with the launch of iPhone 7 in January 2015. It is rumoured that the new device will be equipped with 20 megapixels rear camera and 8 megapixels front camera. This will allow users to capture crisp and clear images.


With the fast pacing life, technology and mobile phones have also become better with time. Apple has taken advantage of their skilled as well as dedicated professionals to develop a snap taking processor which smoothly works without giving any lags to the users. It is rumoured that iPhone 7 will feature the best processor or quad core A8 processor. This will help in easy multitasking and will allow user to perform multiple tasks easily and quickly.


It is rumoured that iPhone 7 will be made available with a memory up to 256GB. Large storage simply means that users can store all the data at one place which make its handy for them. If this rumour turns out to be true, then Apple will create an amazing benchmark and we don’t know even that Apple can even allow its users with unlimited storage.


It is being rumoured that Apple is working on developing an in-built projector for its new device which will certainly rule the market. It is expected that Apple will now release some amazing features which will create a benchmark for other manufacturers. If Apple will be successful in installing the app to its new device then users will eagerly look forward for its launch. This app will help users in projecting their presentations as well as movies on any flat surface like walls which will enrich the viewing experience of the users.

4G Connectivity

It is expected that iPhone 7 will feature 4G connectivity which will surely be a new experience for its users. With this new added feature, Apple is planning to make browsing as well as surfing at the best lightning speed.


People are expecting a new battery technology which will offer its users with extended usage hours and with many new features including improved processor. It is rumoured that the new organic battery will simply replace the old Li-Ion batteries.

Release Date

So are you guys waiting for the launch of iPhone 7? But when it is getting launched? Apple hasn’t made any official announcements for its release but it is expected to be launched in January 2015. According to reports, Apple’s custom to launch its new devices is around the third quarter which proves to be successful as well. According to this, we can expect the device to hit the market later this year.


iPhone 7 will feature improved processor, user friendly interface, stunning display and larger screen and much more which seems to make the users spend slightly higher than its previous models. It is expected that iPhone 7 will hit the market with a price around $649 to $849. Besides, making any wild guesses we all know that Apple is known for its reasonable devices. A tough competition by Android smartphones will simply not allow Apple to increase the prices drastically.

There are no limitations on these speculations and the debate will continue until Apple will officially release iPhone 7 which will only put an end to all the rumours. Now, we must sit back, relax and wait for the official announcement by Apple. What are your expectations from iPhone 7 after iPhone 6 and 6 Plus?