What are we expecting from the Samsung Galaxy S6?

While Apple has gone from strength to strength in recent months, Samsung has endured a significant period of decline. After experiencing a considerable drop in profits during the second financial quarter of 2014, the once-formidable Galaxy S range has now suffered from a drop in demand with sales falling 40% short of annual forecasts. The brand is now hoping that the S6 will help to trigger a reversal in fortunes, and help to re-launch Samsung as a serious rival to Apple as the leading Smartphone manufacturer.

Samsung Galaxy S6

So what key features should users expect from the forthcoming S6?

A 64-bit Processor

When Apple first integrated an advanced 64-bit processor into their mobile devices, many questioned whether this was a worthwhile exercise. The advanced design and versatility of modern handsets means that this is now a crucial feature, however, and Samsung is almost certain to include this into the S6. This would represent perfect timing, with the brand looking to reclaim its market share and the Android L known to support 64-bit processing technology. Without the inclusion of this feature, Samsung will find it difficult to compete with Apple.

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Flexible and Innovative Design

When it comes to innovation, Samsung has fallen behind Apple in the Smartphone market. This is a central component of success when designing modern handsets, and Samsung needs to invest in a creative and innovative design if they are to close the gap on brands such as Apple and HTC. The rumours that the brand has developed a folding prototype will certainly create interest among consumers, although the S6 may have come too soon to incorporate this. In the short-term, the development of new shapes and a more streamlined design would be a welcome improvement.

Galaxy S6 by Samsung

A High Quality, 2K Display

There was a time when Samsung handsets boasted the best displays on the market, with a crystal clear and market leading 1080p resolution. This is no longer the benchmark for Smartphone screens, however, especially with large screen, 4K televisions now available on the consumer market. This means that the development of a 2K Smartphone and a mobile pixel resolution of 2560 x 1440 should be more than achievable, especially when you consider that the popular Galaxy Note 4 tablet included this as a central design feature. This would be particularly welcomed by fans of online gaming and the typical social slots app who can enjoy a more immersive and realistic gaming experience as a result.