Online and app resources for helping you boost and improve productivity

Being in a business is not that easy. Besides a ton of energy, this also requires a lot of time. And honestly, no matter how hard-working you may be, it is impossible to be in two places at the same time or to function 24/7. No, we are not robots, but fortunately we have the possibility of taking advantage of some technological products. Smart phones, tablets and laptops – they could all take on essential tasks. In this way, life will be just a bit easier.

Online and app resources to help you boost and improve productivity

So let’s see several online and app resources that can help you boost and improve productivity.


  • 1password

It is not a smart thing to keep a unique password for all your accounts. And also, it is not indicated to have simple passwords. And here comes the question – How am I supposed to remember so many secret phrases? Well, you aren’t! 1password will do this for you. This software works with all systems – Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome extension and Website. Additionally, it can generate really difficult passwords. The program automatically synchronizes with all the devices and gives you access to every account, anytime and anywhere.

  • Buffer

This application is amazing for those who work with social media websites. With it, users can decide when to publish a post, by scheduling it. Furthermore, Buffer will send you important statistics about each post. This one contains info on the number of clicks, likes, retweets and shares. Just connect it with all the other social media websites accounts and done! The app will release posts as planned.

  • Quip

This program is created especially for big teams of workers. Communication is vital for the success of a business, so Quip will help you stay in touch. Users can also work on mutual projects and instantly see the changes of a document. Also, they can share notes, to-do lists, documents, etc. Users are able to save their work as PDF or Office files.

  • Asana

Organizing, organizing and again organizing! Keeping everything in order is the only way of being productive. And now this is even easier with Asana. Here, users can create, edit, assign tasks and divide them into greater projects. You don’t even have to use e-mails anymore. Employees can use this program too, in order to learn their responsibilities. Then, they can register the progress and announce when the tasks are done. Asana is also available on smart phones, so you will always be on top of everything. The software sends notifications for every change. As a consequence, managers have full control on their teams.

  • Expensify

Tracking expenses is vital for any company. But is not that easy to always introduce new data and save it. Expensify makes financial management easy as pie. Now you don’t have to be an accountant in order to analyze your expenses. This app works both on PC and smart phones. Users can introduce a transaction by simply taking pictures of receipts. Then, Expensify will analyze them on its own. The app can also track mileage by using the GPS of your phone. In this way, you can easily claim the necessary refund for that business trip.

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  • TripIt

And since we were talking about trips, here is a must-have program for those who travel a lot. Although the pro version is not free, this app is worth paying for. Why is it so special? Well, because users don’t have to lose time with introducing trips details into their calendar. Now, they just have to redirect all the travel related emails to one special address and done. All data is automatically recorded into a calendar-like schedule. The pro version allows users to track planes, to check the weather, and to find alternative routes for their trip. The app also synchronizes with a desktop version.

  • Google Docs

This Google program is a great alternative for Microsoft Office (not to mention that unlike Office, this one is completely free). On this platform, users can create, store, share, and edit files. Furthermore, it allows multiple users to change a file at the same time. So it is perfect for team work. When you are done, you can easily use the document with any other Google service. There are already a lot of companies who switched from Office to Google Docs. It looks like it is better for the productivity.

In conclusion, in this technological era, you don’t have to do everything by yourself anymore. Brilliant minds have worked hard to create all sorts of apps and online tools meant to ease our life. It is time to take advantage of them and to increase your productivity! Become a more efficient manager or employee!

About author: I’m Kelly Ray, blogger and active writer in the educational sphere. I use different types of applications and online tools in order to make my day more productive. Hope these tools will help you too! For more tips check my blog –