RedLine13: (Almost) Free Load Testing (Startup Review)

Let’s meet Startup, RedLine13:


In a few sentences, tell us what your start-up is all about!

Inspired by the high price of load testing tools, RedLine13 was created by open source and enterprise software veterans Bob Bickel, Stephen Sigwart, and Richard Friedman to focus on bringing (almost) free load testing to the cloud.

Here at RedLine13, we provide a free and low fixed yearly cost for a subscription service that helps you setup and deploy load testing instances in the cloud with the aid of your Amazon Web Services account. Because of this fact, RedLine13 is able to offer some of the most competitive pricing on the market today, in addition to our free-to-use service.

As an example: if you want to run a load test on 200 m1.small servers hitting your application or site, we can manage them as spot instances and it will cost you about $2.00 for an hour. That should give you enough horsepower to emulate 50,000 users continuously providing load. And we provide you with some pretty real time graphs and reports when you are done (and that part is free).

Who are your competitors? And what is your start-up’s competitive advantage over them?

Major competitors: BlazeMeter, SOASTA,, Neotys, etc.

RedLine13 has two distinct and major competitive advantages over our competitors: First, we are one of the few load testing companies that deploys load testing instances/runs tests within the cloud. Second, our pricing is the most competitive and affordable on the market. Compared to our leading competitors, we offer similar services and solutions for a fraction of the cost, in addition to offering a free-to-use subscription plan.

Let us know a bit about your team, who are the key team members and what is their role?

Richard Friedman – CEO/Founder

Stephen Sigwart – Founder

Bob Bickel – Founder

Do you have any customer feedback on your product and/or service that you could share?

Quotes from Users:

“I have to say I’m impressed. You guys have seriously done a great job so far and I hope you keep it up and continue to support and improve the service.” – quote from CIO Magazine article ‘Why You Need to Load Test your Website’

“I use RedLine13 whenever I need to perform some really heavy tests.”

“Thanks for the support, you guys are awesome.”

“After leaving [*company name omitted for privacy*] and joining a small company with not quite the same budget ‘Freedoms’ I’ve been somewhat gapped for load testing until now.”

“I love your service because its very easy. The site is nice and simple and getting going could not be easier.”

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Finally, do you have any other comments or information about your product that you would like to add?

RedLine13 offers multiple services, plugins, and integrations. Users can write tests with Apache JMeter and, additionally, users can build custom tests in PHP or Node.js or run simpleURL tests, all of which are scalable. We also allow users to upload their own JMX/CSV and other custom files for tests. RedLine13 also offers API testing as well.

RedLine13 provides continuous integration with

RedLine13 has also developed a few API’s, primarily and the Real-Time Map API. We are also currently working on even more API’s as well.

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