Qualcomm launches its Toq Smart Watch at 349 US Dollars

Qualcomm, a company famous for its mobile processors powering smartphones is now venturing in to the hardware category. Jumping on the hottest trend at the Moment – the smart watches, the company is launching Toq smart watch. Pronounced as ‘Talk‘, the watch manages to offer several interesting features that make it different from Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, Sony Smart Watch 2, and others.

The Toq smart watch can be considered as a way of promoting Qualcomm technologies. It offers company’s Mirasol display which is very battery efficient. Another good point of this display is that its easily viewable even under direct sunlight. The battery can easily last 3-4 days of usage as compared to Galaxy Gears poor one day battery. There isn’t even an on off switch to start or stop the device. The watch also comes with WI power wireless charging technology which means it can be charged by just putting on its case.

Qualcomm Toq Smart Watch

The device has two modes which can be changed by tapping the lower half of the strap. One is a basic mode which lets you check the time, date, etc., but tap the strap twice and you can see the true powers of the watch. This mode lets you check messages, notifications, etc.

Qualcomm Toq Wireless Charger cum Case

Key Features of Qualcomm Toq smart watch


Weighs just 90.7 grams

No buttons on the watch or its strap

Battery embedded in the strap


Mirasol Display

1.55 inch

Pixel density of 223 ppi


200 MHz Cortex M3


3 to 5 days


Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy


Supports Wireless Charging


Android 4.0.3 or above (JellyBean) through an app

iOS support coming in future


  • Accept/ reject calls
  • See text messages
  • See Appointments
  • Receive other notifications
  • Price of Qualcomm Toq Smart watch

Pricing of Qualcomm Toq smart watch

Interestingly, Qualcomm is not hoping for a commercial success with the Toq watch as it simply wants to demonstrate the capabilities of Qualcomm’s technologies. So, the watch is priced quite heavily at $349 when compared to Galaxy Gear costing $299.