Simple Way of Pumping Gas into your Vehicle with EzPump

Some of the most basic things in our life always remain the same even though they are confusing and unproductive. But, since that’s the way we have always been doing things, we don’t bother much to change our working or even the thinking. One of such things in filling gas in our cars, it is time-wasting task, and leads to fuel waste, or even spoil our hands.


However, all that is set to change with a concept called EzPump. Simply put, it is a small and simple accessory which is used along with the pump handle to fill the fuel in the car. The nozzle trigger can be locked with the Ezpump to ensure that it is adding the gas to the car.


Clean Hands

As the gas can be directly filled with the use of EzPump, user’s hand is free from using the pump handle and thus there are no chances of getting it dirty.

Avoids wastage

When the gas is filled with oneself, there are always chances of overfilling the tank, but the problem goes away with EzPump. It is positioned in such a manner that the gas fills to the sufficient level only.

Pump it itself

This is the biggest advantage of this concept. With its use, users does not need to carry the pump since it does it automatically makes it easy to insert it directly to the tank’s entrance. EzPump, also pumps the gas itself without requiring any action from user.

How to back it?

Currently, the project EzPump is looking to expand to other markets and for which, it wants to raise money. The project is hoping to get a crowd-funding of 300 Canadian US Dollars and also offers discounts to early buyers.

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