Smart Ways to Promote Your Brand on Google Plus in 2014

The Google is no more a search engine now; it has been turned into the synonym of Google. The Google Empire is so big that virtually everything falls under it which is trending on the internet.

However, the social media is a platform where the Google seems to fall behind the likes of FB and Twitter. The Google has launched the Google+ social network to stay in the hunt and apparently for the very first time it is taking the advantage of being the internet supreme.

Google Plus

Google+ promise the better results to the bloggers and other business pages if they use it, which I guess is a bit selfish from Google, but, still bloggers love it as they really get the good result.

Now, if you’re the one who is not sure about how to use Google+ for the promotion, then below are methods for you to help you out regarding that.

Build Your Circle

The very first thing that you need to do is to build your circle on your Google+ page, which is similar to adding friends on FB and followers on Twitter.

The people in your circle must be from the industry, which interests you, about which you’re blogging or from the same industry under which your product falls.

The more people you get in the circle, the more traffic you will generate from your products.

Share You G+ Page

Yeah, in order to get audience for your Google+ page, you must share that on the other platforms like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

The sharing of your page on these social networks will bring you in the limelight and more people will see your shared stories and will share that back if they find that useful. These re-sharing of your post will definitely bring more enhance results for you.

Use Badges

The Google+ badges have the most significant effect on increasing your visibility or your product’s visibility to the world. The Google+ badges need to appear on your web pages and once a person has liked that, then it’ll stay forever and will also feature in your circles.

What to Share

The most important thing about any promotion is to select a topic as the irrelevant topics won’t show results, no matter how much time and effort you’ve put in it.

The topic selection must be from your industry and should be current one to get the optimum results while using the Google+.

Link to Your Web Pages

While you share your stories on your G+ page, don’t forget to insert the link of your main web pages where people can find more interesting things.

The link not only increases your popularity, but will improve your traffic stats on the website as well. If you’re promoting your business page on the Google+, then providing the links where people can avail the offers is a must do thing.

Adding Social Extensions in Google Adwords

Enabling the social extension in your Google Adword account will give the huge jump to your business while promoting that in the Google+.

The extensions will get you raise of up to 10% in your Google Adwords click-through campaigns. Well, it seems double profit is on the way with it! Isn’t it?


The people always trust a brand or service which gets the reviews of its customers time to time. The Google+ hangout could be very beneficial for you while getting connected to your customers.

The hangouts are the video group chats where you can easily get the thoughts of your product users over the current or upcoming product.

Wrap Up

The Google+ will definitely change the scenario of the social media promotion techniques in the upcoming year and the people who are already using that will get the definite advantage.

Though, the Google+ is to take the internet giant ahead in the race of social networks and all the policies clearly indicate that too, but the only beneficiary from these policies will be people like you and me only.

The Google+ is the next big thing making is impact strong day by day and is very determined to gulp the maximum market covered by the FB and Twitter like websites.

If the Google+ succeed in its approach, which I’m sure it’ll, then it is better to use stat using that as soon as possible because the sooner you’ll start using all the above methods of business promotion, the more profit and edge you’ll get over others.

Prashant Talreja

Being a Mechanical Engineer, I'm a hardcore automobile fun. The love for automobiles makes my entry into the blogging arena. And, I ended up as a technical writer. Now, I cover almost all topics under the tech niche for almost 2 years.