Top 10 Smart Way to Promote Your Brand On Facebook

The technological world today is soaring new heights everyday with the new methods coming into the limelight for the benefits of customers and companies. The social networking has been a platform which companies and brands are taking very seriously for their growth in terms of sales, user base and market.

The various social networking platforms like Google+, FB, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more are providing various methods of promotion for the products and services. The FB so far has done great in this niche among others because of its extremely wide user base across the globe and effective techniques.

Here are a few methods which you can use to promote you’re your brand smartly on FB and can increase your influence on the market.

Make a Page

The FB pages are very much in the demand because of their ground level approach towards users and market. A FB page if becomes a hit can deliver you’re the best results for your sales and marketing.

Page of Techgreet on FB

All you need to do is just create a page about something interesting like movies or news and make it hit by taking the help of professionals on social media marketing. Once it becomes a hit, then you can promote your brand endlessly for the desired results.

Place Ads on FB

We all know the number of people using the FB in the whole world. It has reached to a height where it can be declared as an online country. Now, if you’ll place your ads or offers regarding your brands then you can surely get the maximum value for your efforts.

Ads on FB

Schedule an Event

Making friends on FB is not a big deal at all. If your page or profile has a larger number of followers or friends, then you must organize an online vent to promote whatever you produce. This promotion technique is very influential as people don’t need to go anywhere and just have to sit on their couch and watch.

Event on Facebook

One more advantage is that even your friends or followers can invite their friends to this event; hence you’ll get more audience to cover up.

Contact Via Message

A lot of people on FB don’t like to troll pages on their profile so you can contact them by sending a message into their inbox directly. However, the effect of this method is comparatively lower, but, still you can get some customer who’ll find your offer interesting and I’m sure some of them will.

Facebook Message

Start a Giveaway

For the followers of your page, you can start a giveaway like if they’ll add more followers to your page then you’ll give the discount on your products and being an admin you can easily have the statics of those numbers. This will surely get you a lot more users with a guarantee.

Giveaway on Facebook

Luring Offers

You can also place a link of your brand on your page and tell the followers of your page that the first few hundreds of the persons who’ll click on it will get the discount. The followers will automatically promote your offer and so as your brand if you’ve got something good to offer them.

Promote on Popular Pages

If you’re thinking that making a FB page and then working on it to make it hit is a difficult and time-consuming task for you, then you can promote your brand on the already pages which have the huge number of followers.

Though, you may require paying some amount for that, but the results will cover that amount in a jiffy.

Start a Discussion on a Page

No matter you owe a page or you’re using another page for your brand. You can start a discussion to know what people expect from you and your upcoming or current products.

This technique will take you closer to your user base and hence they’ll tell more people to join you as you’re fulfilling their demands of whatever they want.

Promotional Offers

While you’re about to launch your new product then you can ask people about what they expect about this product and what you’re offering to them. You can give them the promotional offers like to come first and get 50% off or something like that.

The people are very interested in the products which come at a lesser price with their needs getting fulfilled. This could play a fortune turn around for you and can add good values to your brand.

Build Your Page Network

This could be regarded as the link building of your circle. If you owe a page which is quite popular among the users, then you can use your page for the other company’s products which have the similar pages like you.

In return you can ask them to share your brands and products on their pages as well. It will make sure that you can get access to their user base too. But, be sure that your product doesn’t fall under the same category as of your or else you can lose your user base to them.

Wrap Up

The FB has millions of users to access your offers and brand. This social networking website is now not limited only to the connecting your far located or new friends but, for the promotion of a particular product or a brand.

It has turned into a battleground for all the latest brands and their products who’re putting their sweat, hard work and determination to make their product a hit.

If you’re also looking to add some extra values to your brand and want to access a larger user base than it’s a perfect platform for you. The above methods will surely help you to get what you want from FB, but only if you apply them with utmost sincerity.

Also, if you know any more techniques or methods which could be useful for the promotion of a brand of FB, then please let us know them in the comment section below. We always welcome your thoughts.

Prashant Talreja

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