ProcessOn Review: Web App to Create and Follow Processes in a Team

We’re living in the web world. Right from basic things like email, reading and finding information, storing files, etc. to complex things like scheduling our day, booking tickets, collaborating with team, and more is nowadays done on the internet. Perhaps, that’s why devices like Chromebooks are on a rise.


Following this trend, we came across a website named ProcessOn created by Chinese technology company “Beijing YanhuangYingdong Technology Development Co.”. The ProcessOn, as the name indicates lets users create different sort of processes represented through diagrams, flowcharts, etc. to have proper workflow or idea sharing. It also goes beyond that by being a social platform for business professionals and experts.

Signing up and Interface

Signing up for the service is fairly easy with the options to register via email or popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more.


Once signed in, users will be taken to a home page which looks just like a personal timeline in Facebook. At the left sidebar, several options are present which does as the name suggests. For example- users can see their notifications, messages, etc. While the field at center focuses on sharing of status updates and including hyperlinks, documents or adding tags.


Similar to a social network, users can also follow other professionals and the ProcessOn website already suggest some of the popular ones.


You might be thinking that if the interface is similar to other social networks, then what edge does ProcessOn has in comparison to them. Well, to answer this question- it’s a service allowing one to create processes with the help of charts and then share/ discuss it with their team.

Once clicking on new diagram, users will be taken to a selection dashboard asking them to select the template from flowchart, UML diagrams, Org charts, Venn Diagrams and several others. Then, a user is taken to a completely new interface with options to choose any kind of diagram. This gives complete freedom to be able to exactly represent any need or situation. What’s more, users can also invite others to collaborate with them or chat with them without even leaving the website. Users can choose to share this diagram publicly or keep it in private.


Users can also choose templates from public gallery create by others, thus reducing their efforts and time. Not just following others, users can also join different teams having different kind of discussions.

The ProcessOn website offers unlimited storage capacity for one’s diagrams and processes. It also allows one to have unlimited members in one’s teams.

Use case scenarios

The website can be immensely useful to professional who wants to collaborate with different members in their team. It will also prove useful to students to understand the need of processes and how to use them effectively and efficiently.


As a free service, the website offers a lot of features and options to the user. The best part is that the ProcessOn is built for the internet age with the modern tools like HTML5 and JavaScript, ensuring that it works flawlessly across all the browsers and devices, and even mobiles.

Available as a website and as a Chrome extension.